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3 Facial oils that work wonders

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I love using oils in my beauty ritual. This is probably the best skincare tips I learnt when I use to live in France.

I use facial oils everyday and they are fantastic at making your skin supple and soft. Normally, I only apply it at night, as a substitute for my night cream or sometimes after serum and before night cream depending on my skin condition that day.

The other way I use it during day is by adding it to my bb cream / foundation. It really helps you achieve that flawless “glow from within” look, which I like.

Here are the three facial oils that I am currently using.


  1. Caudalie Polyphenols C15 Overnight detox oil (£29)caudalie Polyphenol C15 night oil .JPG

I came across this oil when I travelled to Paris, and I love it since then, especially under dry weather in Europe. This dry facial oil from Caudalie is not greasy like the tradition kind of wet oil. The word “dry oil” means that it is very lightweight and fast absorbing to your skin. It’s made with non fragrant plant-based oils, which are meant to absorb and penetrate into skin. It allows the essential oils to regenerate and heal the skin. It also has some really effective ingredients in it, such as triglyceride, plant oils and concentrated grape seed oil; which is full of antioxidants.

Apply alone instead of night cream or before night cream. Result? Radiant and hydrated skin the next day!

2. Neal’s yard remedies organic Argan oil with Geranium and Palmarosa

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I have been a regular customer of Neal’s yard remdies‘ spa when I was living in Hong Kong, and this is a custom blend facial oil from Neal’s yard Remedies’ therapists, tailor made to my skin’s need. You can get yours by visiting one of their shops or spa. What I like about this oil is that it is so versatile and smells so soothing and relaxing. I always inhale the smell of the oil before I apply it to my skin. I pour some on my hand rub them together to warm it up a little and to let it spread evenly across my two hands. Then, I inhale the fragrance for a few seconds before I apply it on my face. It is like a ritual for me and it soothes my senses.

Other than using it on my skin after serum and before cream, I also use it on the ends of my hair before I blow dry them. Another use is, when I am feeling a little dry in the morning, I would add one drop of this oil into my bb cream / foundation, mix it on the back of my hand, and then apply it on my face. The result is a very natural look with a glow on your skin, it is especially nice when it is very windy outside (Yea…. namely the North East in the UK), it helps to protect your skin against dry and strong wind.

I also have another favorite from the same brand – Neal’s yard remedies, which is The wild rose beauty balm, it is an overnight miracle! You can read about it here.

3. Utama Spice‘s jojoba oil with lavender oil (optional)

Utama Spice jojoba oil lavender oil.JPG

Oh Utama Spice! How I love this small independent Balinese company. I have blogged about their Yoga Mat spray and body balm previously. Which both of them are gorgeously made

Jojoba oil is a natural skin conditioner, it resembles our natural skin sebum. Like argan oil, jojoba oil is so beneficial to the skin and hair. You can read here for more information about how to use it.

Basically this is magic in a bottle, because the use of jojoba oil is endless when it comes to skin and hair. I like to mix it with a few drops of lavender essential oil (which is also from Utama Spice) when I am using it on my face and body.

First of all jojoba oil is odorless and I just love to give my facial oil a little fragrance to make my beauty ritual more relaxing and enjoyable. Also, I have been experiencing some break out after my peeling session, so using lavender oil helps me calm the affected area because lavender is known for its antibacterial properties.

Have you try any of the above facial oil? Share with us what your favorite is by commenting below!




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