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Review | Unbox Mansur Gavriel Mini backpack in Brandy

  After one whole year of lusting after this mini backpack from Mansur Gavriel. (I have a post here about how I got my hands on it finally.) My dear boyfriend was able to help me get one from their always-out-of-stock online store on the 10th May 11am EST. (click here to read about how to.) This particular style and material was sold out in … Continue reading Review | Unbox Mansur Gavriel Mini backpack in Brandy

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Cheapest place to get your dose of Chanel – Heathrow airport no longer sells iconic bags

The Chanel boutique in Heathrow airport terminal 3 is the cheapest place to get your Chanel handbags for EU and non EU citizens. Why? Read here. This Chanel boutique is probably the one with the longest opening hour in the whole wide world, with opening hours as early as 7am till 10pm, and it is located in the tax free zone in terminal 3 which you get your bag … Continue reading Cheapest place to get your dose of Chanel – Heathrow airport no longer sells iconic bags

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New love! CÉLINE Gourmette – Medium Size in Indigo Blue

Today I want to share my new love – CÉLINE Gourmette in Indigo Blue! I am always a fan of small purses because of my petite frame. I also feel like small purses gives you more a sophisticated look. But I have been looking out for a bigger handbag lately because I carry a lot when I go to work, my small cute purses that I have … Continue reading New love! CÉLINE Gourmette – Medium Size in Indigo Blue


Designer Talk – Phoebe Philo of Céline


Phoebe Philo is British. She was born in Paris while her parents were working there. Graduated in 1996, a year after Stella McCartney, from the famous Central Saint Martins of college of Art and Design in London.

In 1997, She started working for Chloé as assistant designer to Stella McCartney, who was the creative director at the time.

In 2001, she succeeded McCartney’s postion as Creative Director. After  The Gucci Group offered McCartney to launch her very own label Stella McCartney. Philo then left her prestige position at Chloe after 6 years, living in Paris, to move back to London to be with her family. During her break, she had her second child.

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Summer supercharged -Strawhat, playsuit and sandals

Here in Hong Kong it is the hottest phrase of the year, constantly at 30 + degrees. I took my morning shower as usual. Put on my makeup and style my hair, and the moment I step out of the house, I start sweating. It’s annoying, but this is Hong Kong. You have to stand it’s worst to enjoy its best.


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Handbag addict | Céline Handbag Fall Winter 2015

I was scanning through my email inbox one morning, and as usual I have tons of unread emails sitting in my inbox, naturally I look for the ones that worth opening…. Within seconds I found it. Céline! The word caught my eyes and my finger clicked on it without thinking.

Since the luggage series is born in 2010, every season Phoebe Philo brings us different versions of them, from different textiles to different colors. Which reminds me of Manneken Pis in Brussels. Every time I visit he is wearing different costumes or sometimes no costume at all, just plain. I find the plain look original and timeless. Just like the black luggage in smooth leather

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handbag addict | Michael Kors Colette Leather messenger

So I want to talk about this Michael Kors Colette Leather messager bag, because the moment I see it I was like *Jaw dropping* when I see this Michael Kors bag appears on Neiman Marcus’s newsletter! Jeez doesn’t this just look like the very very popular Céline luggage?! Imitating the beloved Céline luggage!

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