Shopping in Paris | A fashionista’s dream

View from Lafayette
View from Lafayette

After spending 3 years living in France…. well….what can I say?

Paris is definitely the place to be when it comes to shopping!

It has all kinds of chic and understated luxury which I like. Clothing and handbags are not cheap here, so you will most probably have to pick your battle and plan which items you would like to invest in.

Items you can find in Paris are certainly well made and also can stand the test of time, so don’t worry, these items you invest will be your wardrobe staples.

I have just spent my Christmas Holiday in France for 2 weeks and I would like to share what would be items that you can consider to invest in. Hence, knowing your budget before you get there!

Givenchy boutique with Christmas decor
Givenchy boutique with Christmas decor

Bear in mind you get a tax refund of 12% for all of your purchase over EUR. 175 in particular stores. If you are shopping in luxury retail stores they will all have this service available. 12% might not seem a lot when you see the number itself, but when you make big purchases it will be a lot of difference, trust me 😉

Quality Leather Handbags –

Handbags! I feel like a lady should invest in her handbag. I hold on to my handbags for years! Some, even more than a decade!  Therefore, I don’t mind to pay a fortune for that and I would like them to be well made, made of leather (best if it is leather inside out, but it would be heavier) with excellent craftsmanship.

different chain colors and different texture of leather - all classic double flap bags
Different chain colors and different texture of leather, all classic double flap bags. – Chanel boutique on Ave Montaigne

Oh Paris! My Number 1 on the list will have to be Chanel. Why Chanel? Read here.

The price of a classic Chanel double flap bag is about EUR€ 3550 which is already a lot cheaper than the United states, Canada and Asia. Plus the tax refund? Oh my this baby have to go home with me!

The classic double flap has always been on my dream list. Do I have to explain? It is made with the best grade smooth leather inside out! This is technology combined with excellent craftsmanship! What can I say? I cannot stop admiring this baby every time I carry it out! It is such a timeless beauty.

Celine shop

Then, comes to my everyday favourite Céline. There is something magical to the luggage tote, because it can be dressed up and down. Unlike Chanel 2.55 which always makes me want to be as ladylike as possible when carrying it; the luggage tote on the other hand is very versatile, it goes with anything. Weather you are having a casual day in a white tee and jeans or wearing your Little black dress. It will just be as pretty and beautiful.

I will talk about eating in Paris next time : )

photo source: spottedtravel

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