How you can use oil to remove makeup

How to remove makeup with unconventional way


How you can use oil to remove makeup

What kind of products do you tend to use to remove your makeup? Especially the hard-to-remove eye makeup?

You have probably noticed. If you live in a place that tend to have humid and hot weather during summer, your face get oily after your lunch break or so and your makeup starts to slide or melt.

Oil is the worst enemy of makeup.

use babyoil as makeup remover.png

Recently, my boyfriend’s mom shared this with me. That, actors and actresses who perform on stage use baby oil to remove their makeup at the end of the show. These people wear heavy makeup on stage and they need something that is very effective to remove their makeup.

Of course. I had to try it. I am such adventurous beauty junkie, aren’t I? So I got myself a big bottle of baby oil right away and ready to try it. I have to say it really works! Your makeup comes off so easily without the need to tug your skin. The only thing is that, your face will be left with an oily sheen, and you will need to wash your face with face cleanser afterwards.

Now I am experimenting using different oils to remove makeup instead of baby oil. Basically you can use any oil to dissolve makeup on your face. So I have been trying a few, such as extra virgin olive oil, facial oils and cold pressed coconut oil, etc. These oil are better for your skin and I am less concerned about washing it thoroughly afterwards as good oil don’t clog your pores.

I have an obsession with my eyelashes. S0 what i find really great about using oil to remove makeup is that I don’t need to rub my lashes to try to get my waterproof mascara off my eyes.

It’s just so much easier and gentler. When using oil to remove stubborn waterproof mascara, just use a Q-tip to dip some oil and then apply it on your lashes, wait for 5 mins or so. (Meanwhile, just do your own thing or make yourself a cup of tea.) Allowing some time for the oil to sit on your lashes so that it can work its magic and dissolve the mascara. Then you just need to wipe it off with a cotton pad. Et, voila!

Try this tonight and let me know how you guys find it!



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