neals yard wild rose beauty balm

Overnight miracle – Wild rose beauty balm

Recently, I have been obsessed with mask in a jar because I find it so much more nourishing than the popular sheet mask in Asia.

wild rose beauty balm

While I think sheet masks are so convenient and hydrating, I find cream mask/ mask in a jar much more calming and nourishing. Cream masks are also more accessible in Europe, compare to sheet mask.

beautiful packaging wild rose beauty blam

Today I am going to talk about this recent favorite of mine! Neal’s yard remedies’s Wild Rose beauty balm (£38). Beautiful box and jar packaging! Designed by British designer Alice Shields.

neals yard wild rose beauty balm

Although some people say that sheet masks are more convenient than cream mask. But for me, I find cream mask easier to use, because with sheet mask, I have to kind of tilt my head up or lie down to prevent the mask to slid down my face during that 15-20 mins; with cream mask there isn’t such problem at all. I am actually having this Neal’s yard remedies Wild Rose beauty balm (£38) as a mask on while I am writing this post.

neals yard wild rose beauty balm unbox

There are so many ways to use this balm! A superb multitasker here.

You can use it to moisturize as a night cream (probably too heavy for day use), as an exfoliator, a 3o mins leave on mask, an overnight mask, lip / nail balm and also makeup remover, you name it!

muslim cloth wild rose balm

It comes with a white muslim cloth, which is made with 100% organic cotton in India. It’s for you to soak in hot water to steam your face and to wash off the product, which it really well made and handy!

neals yard wild rose beauty balm texture

The product is housed in this very sturdy glass jar. It does look solid at first glance, but once you dig your finger in it and scoop some out, it will melt because of your body heat. Like so.

There are so much goodness in this jar, it is packed with Rose seed oil, jojoba oil, beewax, shea butter, etc. All natural ingredients.

neals yard wild rose beauty balm on finger texture

When you apply it on your face you will see that your face would look greasy, like it has been covered with oil. Not that attractive, I would say. But, once you wash it off neither next morning or 30 mins after, your skin will look very radiant and smooth. Promised. The longer you leave it on your skin the more rejuvenating work it does for you.

Your skin will look beautifully soft and plumped the next morning, truly an overnight miracle.




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