Swatch | OPI | Tickle my france-y review – my favorite nude nail color

“I believe in manicure. I believe in pink.” Audrey Hepburn




I love a good manicure, and OPI nail polish never fails me. This color in “Tickle my france-y” (NLF16) is definitely my go to neutral color. It is one of the deeper nude shades, which is a dusty  mauve pink color that’s really pretty on warm skin tone,  Even my French and Texan colleagues love this color, and we used to share this bottle at the office!



with 1 coat of “tickle my france-y”

This is how it looks with just one coats on. The fat brush makes it easy to paint the color on evenly, also makes the application quite quick. This is one of those color that doesn’t require a lot of concentration when applying. It’s easy to paint them on. The color is 85% opaque with 1 coat, you can see there is still a little bit of your natural nail color peeking through but it is very good in terms of consistency.


with 2 coats of “tickle my france-y”

This is how it looks with 2 coats. It’s completely opaque. The color is a lovely dusty mauve color that is very appropriate for work or leisure and it look very natural, not overpowering at all. Which is why I like it a lot because this color would go with any outfit in any season!

sally no chip top coat.JPG

The longevity of OPI nail polish is very good it normaly last me 5-7 days, but I always like to put a top coat on because it helps to prolong the wear of the polish. Sometimes, I remove the polish not because it has chipped but because my nails has grown out. This is my go to top coat, “No chip” from Sally Hansen. It is completely colorless, gives your nails shine and makes them dry really fast. To be honest, I am more impressed by the fact that it is so fast drying than the no chip function.


Look at how shiny that make my nails look. It does offer a nice finishing to your nails.


So this is the final look of my nails. Let me know what is you favorite nude nail color below!


Nails are the period at the end of the sentence. They complete the look.






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