Utama Spice yoga mat spray

How to clean your yoga mat in 30 seconds – Utama Spice Yoga Mat Spray

utama spice yoga mat spray aroma booklet

From left to right – Utama Spice Yoga Mat Spray & Aromatherapy Booklet

I used to go to Pure Yoga when I was in Hong Kong. The facility there is great, studio is spacious and everything is serviced and cleaned. Meaning you don’t need to bring anything, just bring yourself basically. They provide you with clean towels and clean  yoga mat.

Having relocated to the UK and  have taken time off from my job, I have devoted more time to Yoga. Yoga studios here in Newcastle are not as posh as the ones in Hong Kong. It’s pretty down to earth and no one is there to clean after you. So I always feel like a little gross if I didn’t bring my own mat.


The Balinese aromatherapy skin care brand Utama Spice has got this amazing Yoga Mat Spray that just perfectly suits my need! I have mentioned about this 100% natural beauty brand before in my Must but item in Bali post. All products from Utama Spice smells divine and this one is no exception.

What is does is that it sanitizes and cleans your yoga mat in no time. On days that I don’t bring my yoga mat with me, I always make sure that I bring this yoga mat spray with me. Its so small and totally portable. It doesn’t only clean and sanitize your yoga mat, it also leaves a very gorgeous fragrance in the air and on your mat. The essential oil blend is very calming and soothing. Which is perfect for Yoga, it makes me feel so relaxed and ready to leaves everything behind and just enjoy this full hour of yoga.

Yoga mat spray utama

Utama Spice yoga spray RP 44,50 & Primark Exercise Mat £6

It’s super quick and easy to clean your mat with this. You just need to spray it on (spray at about a 15-20 cm distance) wait like 10 seconds for the spray to settle and then wipe it with paper towel or simply let dry depends if you have got the time or not. Everything done within half a minute, something you can quickly do right before your class start and leaves your little personal space smelling gorgeous and makes your 1st downward facing dog of the day so much more delightful.


Ingredients in there are effective and simple – Ethanol (Grain Alcohol), Aqua and Essential oil blend.


You can actually make your own if you’d like. Then you can choose your own blend of essential oils. Blending essential oil is always about experimenting and your own personal preference.

Utama spice aromatherapy booklet

I am lucky enough to receive this little Aromatherapy booklet, written by the founder of Utama Spice all the way from Bali. A practical guide to Aromatherapy & Essential Oils, a detailed guide to show you how to make your own aromatherapy shampoo, lipbalm, ointment, insect repellent, compresses, even perfume!




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