utama spice body butter outlook

Utama Spice Aromatherapy Body butter | Must buy item in Bali!


utama spice body butter outlook

I visited Bali for 5 days before I moved. The trip was amazingly chilled, food was great, nice weather! Plus the pool villa, oh heaven!) and I discovered this really awesome body butter! Best aromatherapy body butter ever! The cool thing is its cheap! Only 80,000 Rupiah (which is only USD$6)!

I discovered this body butter when I dine in an organic vegetarian restaurant called Zula. (Which is like Mana! in Hong Kong) Yes! In a restaurant! Other than just delicious organic vegetarian food and drinks that I love, they also sell a variety of organic earth-friendly healthy products, such as beauty products, supplements, pre packaged organic food and snacks, etc.

utama spice body butter review

Utama Spice’s Aromatherapy Body Butter is made with all natural goodness. Utama Spice is a passionate family business. All their products are handmade in Bali and 100% natural.

Their body butter is made with Virgin Coconut oil, Aloe Vera and Cocoa seed butter; plus different essential oils, depending on the scent you have picked. As you can see from the photo, it looks solid when it is brand new, but once you dip your finer into it, it kind of melts on your finger a little bit. utama body butter on fingerWhen you slather it on your body it just melts and sinks into your skin immediately. So good! It’s amazingly moisturizing and smells heavenly good. One pot last quite some time as it is a thick body butter with wonderful oils in it. You only need a little bit and the nice part is that it’s very expandable. You can use small amount for a big area of your body.

texture utama spice body butter

So I got the Utama Spice aromatherapy Lavender body butter after having dinner at Zula. After just one use, I fell in love with it! So I ran back to the same store on the last day of my trip, hoping to stock up more of this heavenly body butter. Alas, the lavender ones were sold out. I thought I must be able to get it somewhere else, in other stores. I went to a few other cosmetic stores but I couldn’t find them. Finally, I found it again at the airport when I was about to give up! It was sold in WHSmith at Bali airport! WHSmith is not even a cosmetic store!

utama spice body butter

Anyways I was so happy to have found them selling at the airport just before I have to enter the boarding gate, and with my last remaining cash! The only thing to complain is that they don’t have lavender as well, so I had to pick another scent. So I got the Arprodisia and which is made with Pure Patchouli oil.

Where to buy this body butter from heaven? Zula in Bali, WHSmith at Bali airport and their online shop.

I took both of them with me to the UK, and it helps my skin to conquer with dry windy winter tremendously! I opened the Lavender one first and it lasted me about 2.5 months and I am still loving it after I have finished the whole pot! I wished I have bought even more when I was in Bali!

I would definitely want to try more of their products, if I can get my hands on them!

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