clinique passion pop 07 pop lip color and primer

Clinique Pop lip color + Primer – 07 Passion Pop

clinique passion pop 07 pop lip color and primer

I love red lipsticks! Red is so empowering! Whenever I wear red lipstick I feel confident and strong in my own skin.

clinic passion pop lipstick primer built in

Today I am reviewing this Clinique pop lip colour +primer in 07 passion pop. This is such a nice bold red colour. It basically compliments everybody’s skin tone. It’s just a really nice bright red cherry color there.

clinique bright red lipstick for summer 07 passion pop

It is also a true red color, not pink nor orange. Just red.


The name of the lipstick says “color + primer “, but don’t get it wrong, it’s nothing like a lip balm with color. This Clinique pop just acts like a normal lipstick. The color is intense, bright and vibrant. With just a little bit of creamy texture, so it’s easy enough to apply; but it does stay put on your lips for hours, and you can certainly apply it directly on your lips without applying any lipbalm first.

Because when you wear a bright bold lip color, you don’t want to apply any lip balm before that because that would make your lipstick slide and goes out of place, which is not what you want really.

The good thing about this lipstick is that, it made the balance between the intensity of the color, with a good amount of moisture so that the application is like a dream.

I have used the lipstick alone and with a lip liner. The photo below is just using the lipstick alone without any lipliner.

clinique passion pop.JPG


When I don’t wear lip liner, I had like 4-5 hours of wear which is good. It doesn’t bleed on me. I applied it in the morning before I leave the house and after having my lunch, most of the red is still there. The only difference is that it looked drier than the morning but that’s it. Generally quite impress with the lasting power.

When I do wear it with a lip liner and some powder on it, it last all night long.

The only thing is that my lips tends to become dry after 3 to 4 hours and then sometimes I would reapply the lipstick after meal and then just top it up with tiny bits of lip balm on top of it.

Have you try any of these Clinique pop lip color +primer?

How do you like it?

Share with us below!



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