Step by step sweet romantic makeup look | part 2 | eyes, lips & cheeks

In Part 1, I have already talked about how I did my base makeup including primer, foundation, concealer, bronzer / shading and highlighter. In this post, I will continue with this romantic makeup look and show you guys how I did my eyes, lips, and cheeks. First of all, I am going to fill my eyebrows with La palette sourcils de Chanel (£37) in 40 naturel, this … Continue reading Step by step sweet romantic makeup look | part 2 | eyes, lips & cheeks

Step by step sweet romantic makeup look | part 1 | Base makeup

I did a romantic makeup look during Christmas and I recorded my step by step in photos here! I wanted to keep it natural looking so I used a light coverage foundation so that my skin can still peek through, and I want the look to be romantic so I had light smokey eyes with rose-hued neutral colors using Urban Decay’s Naked 3 palette. The rose hues … Continue reading Step by step sweet romantic makeup look | part 1 | Base makeup

benefit cosmetic Gimme brow volumizing brow gel followmeesh

Benefit’s Gimme brow review

Another Benefit brow product review! I have been a little bit obsessed with brows lately. I have reviewed Benefit’s goof proof brow pencil in my previous post, and also went to their brow bar in Debenhams Newcastle for a eyebrow wax and tint 2 weeks ago, you can read about it here. I’ve received a mini size Gimme Brow volumizing gel in shade no. 5 and have … Continue reading Benefit’s Gimme brow review

swatch benefit goof proof brow pencil no 6

Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil pre-launch review

I got this Benefit Goof Proof brow pencil today and I can’t wait to review it for you girls! It actually hasn’t been launched yet! So I am excited to try this product first hand and to review it. The official launch date is set to be 24th June in the UK. The price point of this Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil is going to be … Continue reading Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil pre-launch review


Makeup look from New York Fashion Week – Spring 2016


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I use to love trying different makeup looks, with different colors, different textures etc, but it’s been a while since I started sticking with neutrals and browns. Of course it is nice, because it goes with everything, but its a little boring I know.

Recently with fashion week, I have seen a lot of different makeup looks, and a lot of them are sporting bright and virbrant colors for their eye makeup, one of my favorite is this two toned eye makeup look.

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legendary lash curlers

The 2 legendary lash curler in comparison – Shu Uemura v.s. Shiseido

I love a good mascara, I think I own more than 10 mascaras at the moment. It’s crazy. I know. But creating the perfect fluttering lashes, lash curler comes first for sure. Before I apply mascara I always always curl my lashes.
shiseido eyelash curler shu uemura eyelash curler

I have been using the one from Shiseido for 8 years since grade 9! But then one day I left it in a hotel, and I have switched to the Shu Uemura afterwards. And lately, I purchased the Shiseido curler again for my gym bag. So I have them both now. I have noticed the new Shiseido one is not exactly like the old one that I have. But it is still very good. (They must have updated it to a new version.) I have two Shu Uemura curler, one in silver, one in gold. They are both very very good. The only difference is the colour I thought, but I heard that the gold one is better becuase i

After trying and using both for years, here is what I can share with you.

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Review | Kashoen 1883 | Japanese hand made cleansing brush

I discovered Kashoen when I travelled to Tokyo a few months ago, and I was completely fascinated by their craftsmanship. In today’s world of technology, we have less and less items handmade. As well, handmade items are associated with luxury in return. Just like the top notch designer leather handbags we ladies love, are a work of art made by traditional craftsmen. Kashoen is like the Hermes of makeup brushes in Japan. It has been producing exceptional quality makeup brushes for 130 years, using traditional craftsmanship.

kashoen cleansing brush 1kashoen cleansing brush 2

Here is a video on how the craftsmen produce their brushes by hand. Continue reading “Review | Kashoen 1883 | Japanese hand made cleansing brush”


Beauty Routine on a chill day – Part 2 Makeup

In my previous post, I have shared with you my Skincare Routine on a chill day. So after we have prepped our skin, it is time to move onto makeup! I am sporting a natural look these day because I am just having some time off from work. Going to yoga class and running errands mostly. My lips are having some allergy at the moment, so I am not wearing any lip products, except good old Neutrogena Norwegian Formula lip moisturizer. That’s all.
meesh madeup face 1 meesh madeup face 2 Continue reading “Beauty Routine on a chill day – Part 2 Makeup”


Change your look with wearable darker and thicker eyebrows

I am finally more free with time off this week! Hooray!! So I decided to explore a new look with darker brows!

I have naturally thick brow and it grows fairly fast so I have to pluck them very often in order to look normal. : P I normally carry light brown / honey hair color so I have been sporting a medium brown brow regularly.

Since my hair has been dyed to an ombré color with dark brown roots going down to light golden brown at the ends, now that my roots has grown out more and more, I am having a darker overall color now. I love light brown shades but I wanted to stop dying and bleaching my hair for a while because they are damaged from previous colorings.

So today I decided to change the style of my brows going darker than usual! Here is how I look!


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Coming Soon! Christian Louboutin’s Lipstick in 38 shades

Christian Louboutin is bring us LIPSTICKS this fall (September)! As usual, everything from Louboutin is a piece of art, be it heels, flats, or nail polish. These beautiful piece of art are going to cost us $90, probably one of the most expensive lipsticks I have seen. Its about 3 times a Dior lipsticks and twice a Guerlain.


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