Review | Celine luggage in black smooth leather

Oh this gorgeous handbag! How can we ladies not fall in love with it? The first item I got from Céline is the black nano luggage in smooth leather. It is made with very top quality leather inside out! Just a gorgeous handbag with excellent craftsmanship. I have it for about 3 years already and I use it almost everyday. The leather gets softer the more … Continue reading Review | Celine luggage in black smooth leather


Wearing red lipsticks can instantly boast your mood!

Are you a fan of bold red lips? Do you think it looks beautiful but worry it would be too attention grabbing? I personally love red lips, but, I know…. it takes hardwork. You put in a lot of effort to keep your lips moisturized and smooth, free from dryness etc. (Including regularly scrubing your lips and moisturize them often…..) But admit it, the moment you … Continue reading Wearing red lipsticks can instantly boast your mood!


Coutour Apple watch – partnering with Hermes

  The Apple event which took place on Wednesday in San Francisco has announced a big news! Apple is partnering with French fashion house Hermes for its apple watch! Together they are releasing three different designs of straps from Hermes, from October 5, 2015. Apple has been trying extremely hard to push the Apple watch to the fashion industry, celebrities like Beyonce and Karl Lagerfeld … Continue reading Coutour Apple watch – partnering with Hermes


Designer Talk – Phoebe Philo of Céline


Phoebe Philo is British. She was born in Paris while her parents were working there. Graduated in 1996, a year after Stella McCartney, from the famous Central Saint Martins of college of Art and Design in London.

In 1997, She started working for Chloé as assistant designer to Stella McCartney, who was the creative director at the time.

In 2001, she succeeded McCartney’s postion as Creative Director. After  The Gucci Group offered McCartney to launch her very own label Stella McCartney. Philo then left her prestige position at Chloe after 6 years, living in Paris, to move back to London to be with her family. During her break, she had her second child.

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