Celine 2015

New love! CÉLINE Gourmette – Medium Size in Indigo Blue

Today I want to share my new love – CÉLINE Gourmette in Indigo Blue! I am always a fan of small purses because of my petite frame. I also feel like small purses gives you more a sophisticated look.

Celine 2015

But I have been looking out for a bigger handbag lately because I carry a lot when I go to work, my small cute purses that I have just doesn’t fit everything I have to carry. Well I actually carry a lot of stuff….. to be honest. Oh I am so self contradicting…..  want to carry a lot with small purse. Not possible.

Anyways so that is why this Celine Gourmette bag is coming home with me!

Celine gourmette blogger


It’s Suede made from calf skin on the outside and lambskin smooth leather on the inside. It has a zip pocket in the middle and two compartments for you to store your items neatly inside the bag, which I love. It is so difficult to find your keys or your lip balm when you carry a roomy handbag.

When it comes to picking a handbag I like it to be leather inside out, it just spells quality and durability, not to mention that luxurious feeling, just like my other Celine nano luggage in black smoother leather. Leather from Celine is always so gorgeous and of course top quality.


The Gourmette bag is very easy to match with my everyday outfit for a grown up elegant look, with the gold chain and suede. LOVE!

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