Looking for Repetto’s alternative? Anna Baiguera is your answer.

When I was younger, I always prefer wearing heels. I could even run in my heels. But few years older now and I stopped partying altogether, I have converted to wearing flats. A lot.


When I think ballerina flats, the first that came to my mind is definitely Repetto. I use to buy Repetto when I first started wearing flats. I would also put them in my bag while I wear my heels for the night out and change to my Repettos at the end of the night and hop on a cab to go home.


Their flats are really nice and hugs your feet with soft leather, and they are comfortable straight out of the box. The only thing is that their leather soles are quite thin, if you wear them on a daily basis the soles gets worn out quite quickly.


Then, I discovered Anna Baiguera’s flat. Which are also made of really soft lambskin leather but the price is half of Repetto’s. If you are a fan of the classic Repetto style “cendrillon”, Anna Baiguera’s basic ballerina flats are a good substitute.

anna baiguera ballerinas

anna baiguera ballerinas half price of repettos


They have quite a few colours to choose from, but of course not as extensive as Repettos. I would say if you plan to wear these everyday I would say go for the Anna Baiguera’s. Because with everyday wear, both of them are going to last about 6 months, which everyday walking and going to meetings etc. So I just keep on buying them and I throw out the ones that wore out.

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