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Inspiration to style your boyfriend! | Men’s style

I love how French guys always look so pulled together! It’s like “Well, I always look this good effortlessly!”

Here are some inspirations, if you are your boyfriend’s / husband’s personal stylist/ wardrobe manager or personal shopper!

@Johannes Huebl

Oh god this is the most good looking (and my favourite) couple on earth, they both got looks and style. Olivia Palermo + Johnnes Huebl always look impeccable whenever they are, and I love the fact that they are always so sweet and smitten. Johannes posts photos of himself and his wife on his instagram very often.

Here is an article on how Johannes keep up his style with his socialite & style icon wife.

Look at those pocket square, blazer and jacket!


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Book club – How to be Parisian wherever you are | on Parisian style, mentality and attitude

“How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are: Love, Style, and Bad Habits” is my latest read. It is written by a team of 4 Parisian, including a former model, a novelist, a film producer and a writer, how legit is this? It covers not only fashion, but also how to get through life, have a lover and cheat on your lover (Is there such thing? Yes…..according to … Continue reading Book club – How to be Parisian wherever you are | on Parisian style, mentality and attitude


Wedding trend 2016 -Show the world your killer legs! Wedding Gowns with High slits

I am tired of seeing sweet heart necklines in wedding dresses. Period. Why do we need to be “sweethearts” all the time? Is it because it is generally flattering on every body shape? Or its that inner-little girl-who-always-wanted-to-be-princess talking? I don’t know and I don’t get it.

I definitely don’t want to look like everyone else on my wedding.

When brides think of adding sexiness in their dresses all they think about is show some cleavage…… Yes, cleavage is sexy but we ladies have more than one sexy bits right? What about long lean legs?



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Mansure Gavriel – I am so disappointed and frustrated!

Meesh is not happy!!!! 😦 I have been looking for a backpack for the longest time in my life. I am not a backpack person, and I have 0 backpack for year because I couldn’t find any that I like and is the right size. I am a petite asian girl with small frame, many of the nicely designed backpacks are too big on me. I have choice phobia. Yes, but when I first saw this backpack on their website. I can tell this is love at first sight. I just really really really want it! It is practical, has a simple design, good quality leather,  just the right size and has no logo! All boxes checked! Usually I only fall in love with handbags that are from high fashion brands, but this one, ohhh it melts my heart!


mansure-gavriel-mini-backpackImage source

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Balmain X H&M with leading models Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid & Jourdan Dunn


The Balmain and H&M collaboration was confirmed in May this year and it has been long waited by Balmain fans (or people who love Balmain but just simply cannot afford them). Balmain is very expensive and their collaboration will be the most expensive designer collaboration ever!

Balmain is very expensive, because the brand has a lot of designs with embroidery and the way they produce items are very traditional.

Balmain X H&M-5

In this collection, an embroidered dress will cost you $649! Which is crazy expensive if you are comparing it to the previous designer collaboration, but it is a fraction of the real Balmain label.

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Gender inequality a la Jennifer Lawrence, and more on chivalry.

hunger-game-jennifer-lawrenceJennifer Lawrence, a true warrior. 

Jennifer Lawrence finally spoke after the Sony hack earlier in an essay for Lena Dunham’s Lenny Letter e-newsletter, stating that she is angry at herself for giving up too early and being too nice, when it comes to salary negotiation.

Celebrities like her American Hustle co-star Bradley Cooper and UN Women Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson has shown support to her. I agree that there should be no wage gap between female and male at workplace.

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Makeup look from New York Fashion Week – Spring 2016


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I use to love trying different makeup looks, with different colors, different textures etc, but it’s been a while since I started sticking with neutrals and browns. Of course it is nice, because it goes with everything, but its a little boring I know.

Recently with fashion week, I have seen a lot of different makeup looks, and a lot of them are sporting bright and virbrant colors for their eye makeup, one of my favorite is this two toned eye makeup look.

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