benefit cosmetic Gimme brow volumizing brow gel followmeesh

Benefit’s Gimme brow review

Another Benefit brow product review!
I have been a little bit obsessed with brows lately. I have reviewed Benefit’s goof proof brow pencil in my previous post, and also went to their brow bar in Debenhams Newcastle for a eyebrow wax and tint 2 weeks ago, you can read about it here.
benefit cosmetic Gimme brow volumizing brow gel followmeesh
I’ve received a mini size Gimme Brow volumizing gel in shade no. 5 and have been using it daily for 2 weeks now. I love how cute it looks, matching with my goof proof eye brow pencil and it is just perfect to travel with because of it’s mini size. So I took it with me for my summer break in Paris.
There are 3 shades available in this product, and the one I have got is the darkest color available no. 5.
benefit gimme brow 3 shades avail.png
It comes with a teeny tiny spoolie, like a mini version of a mascara brush. The gel is dark brown with almost undetectable fibre in it to help you create that fuller and volumizing look. The gel holds your brow in shape, while providing color and volumizing effect to your brows.
It makes your brows look very natural and thick at the same time, literally “my brows but better” which I really love, especially on a light makeup day.
The coolest thing about Benefit’s Gimme Brow gel is that it doesn’t call for any skills at all. No pots or brushes needed neither! Which is clean and easy!
You just use the little spoolie to brush your brows upwards to make it look tidy, util you get enough colour and fibre on your brow and that’s it! Literally takes me less than 1 min to do my brows.
I am very pleased with the ease of use for this brow gel, especially when I am travelling. I need to get my makeup done fast, so I don’t waste any precious time while I am in this beautiful city of light.
It’s also perfect for a work day as it is not only quick to apply but you also can’t really make any mistake with this product.
The staying power is also really good, it last all day for me with endless walking and shopping around Paris under the summer heat. I am talking about at least 8-12 hours wear a day.
after my brow wax at benefit. before and after
So far I am loving this product and will definitely repurchase once my mini one runs out!
Have you try Gimme Brow before? Share with us how you find it! x

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