OPI vs. Nails Inc

Move over OPI, Nails Inc is so much better!

OPI vs. Nails Inc

I have been painting my own nails all my life. I probably only go into a nail salon like twice a year for some special occasions like attending a wedding or before I get interviewed on TV or newspaper, etc.

I didn’t quite like gel manicure because I don’t like the fact that they would sand your nails before to allow the gel to adhere better and after the removal my nails always look dull like the top layer of my nails has been damaged.

Also, painting my own nails mean I don’t need to be in the nail salon for 1 hour, I could use this hour to get myself a facial, or go to a spin class. Plus, I can remove my nail polish anytime in the comforts of my apartment. There is no salon visit at all just for removing my gel manicure.

So you might have guessed it, I have a large collection of nail polish including a lot of different shades. The majority of them I get from OPI or Essie, and I have been loving them for years, because I thought they were the best ones out there. But then since the year I lived in the UK, I have discovered there are even better ones which the Brits make. And my new favorite is Nails Inc!

First of all, their brush is just so well made and so much better. It features a chubby flat brush which makes it so easy to cover your nail in just 3 strokes. The shape of the brush also played a critical part, the edge is so well shaped that I can cover the corners of my bed precisely, without going back to fix anything. It also helps to let your nails dry faster, because if you can cover your nail in 3 strokes then it means you would be less likely to overpaint and make them so gloppy by loading up too much polish that is then impossible to dry.

Also, these Nails Inc nail polish are opaque enough that I only need 2 coats to get an opaque, solid color. Not to mention it also has sweet almond oil and matcha in them to nourish your nails. In terms of longevity, Nails Inc also beats the good ole OPI. OPI would last me about 5 to 7 days which is already pretty good. but Nails Inc does it even better, it gives me almost 9 days of wear.

Their shades are also very well formulated, and always on trend. Their shades are so special, because many of them can be worn by a lot of different skin tone which is unusual. I will talk about one of my favorite shades Lexington Street in my next post and I will show you how this is the perfect baby pink shade that suits almost any skin tone. Just amazing!


What’s your favorite nail polish brands? Share with me below in the comments!

xoxo Michele


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