What is bind lock lash extension? My first bind lock experience with Sora Lash in Sheung Wan

Have you heard of bind lock lash extensions? How is it different from the normal Japanese style single lash extension or the glamorous camellia style lash extensions?

Bind lock at Sora lash in Sheung Wan.

I have seen “bind lock” showing up on the salon menu for about a year by now and I always wonder what it actually is and how is it different from the rest. As the name itself doesn’t describe the look nor the style. All I know is that it is supposed to be a more advanced technique so it costs about $100 to $200 more than the rest of the styles.

So what is bind lock you ask?

Bind lock eyelash extension with eyeliner effect
Looking dense and 3D with the feel of lightness.

It is indeed a more advance technique originated from Japan. Bind lock technique offers much longer lasting lashes (up to 6 weeks+), giving it more voluminous look while it is still very light weight and comfortable on the eyes. These all sounds really good to me as I always dread the visit, which is about 90mins to 120mins each visit. I feel like 2 hours of my life is a long time! Especially when I can’t even reply emails nor do anything except listening to music during treatment.

If I need to spend this amount of time lying down and not able to do anything, it’d better last as long as it can, so that I feel like I am saving time in total to get ready in the mornings.

The concept of more voluminous and longer lasting lash extension is achieved by sandwiching each of your natural eyelash with multiple artificial eyelashes, using a mix of 0.07mm and flat lashes. This technique not only offer longer lasting lashes because of the way the artificial lashes are applied around each of your natural lash, it also creates a look that looks like you have eyeliner on, accentuating your eyes, which I personally love so much.

Other than all the goodness it offers, I also want to mentioned that this technique does require a more advance lash stylist and also more time, approximately 30 to 60mins more than the normal procedure. So make sure you let your lash stylist know that you want to go for bindlock style when you make reservations so that both of you are aware and allocate appropriate amount of time when visiting the lash salon.

I love the longevity of bind lock I have to say! The extra 30 mins was so worth it!

Although I feel the time it takes to have bind lock done is long. I am really pleased with the result and feel like it’s totally worth it to spend that extra 30 mins for bind lock technique. Because I actually have my lashes done before Christmas, on 12th December 2022 to be exact. And as I am writing this blog now it’s 4th Feb, it’s already 7 weeks since I have my bind lock lashes done at Sora Lash and I’d say quite a few of my lashes are still here. So I am really impressed with the skills of the lash artists at Sora Lash and the longevity of the bind lock technique.

As you may know, Hong Kong is currently under lock down. All gyms, beauty salons are closed and we aren’t allow to eat out in restaurants after 6pm. It’s been like this for 5 weeks already. So this bind lock technique definitely saved my life during lock down, although I am really looking forward to return to Sora lash when it reopen so that I can have a fresh eyelash extension treatment done asap.

Sora Lash

Phone: 852 9248 3845

Address: 88 Commercial Building, 7/F, Flat C, 28-34 Wing Lok St, Sheung Wan

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