Change your look with wearable darker and thicker eyebrows

I am finally more free with time off this week! Hooray!! So I decided to explore a new look with darker brows!

I have naturally thick brow and it grows fairly fast so I have to pluck them very often in order to look normal. : P I normally carry light brown / honey hair color so I have been sporting a medium brown brow regularly.

Since my hair has been dyed to an ombré color with dark brown roots going down to light golden brown at the ends, now that my roots has grown out more and more, I am having a darker overall color now. I love light brown shades but I wanted to stop dying and bleaching my hair for a while because they are damaged from previous colorings.

So today I decided to change the style of my brows going darker than usual! Here is how I look!


I wear liquid liner and mascara daily, but since my brows are much strong with this style I decided to just go with eyeshadow and pencil liner in this photo. (That will save me time when I remove my makeup too! *grin* Mascara is so hard to remove!)

I find it takes more techniques and precisions when dealing with dark brows since they are much more outstanding and visible compare to a softer lighter color. You really need to define it well. What I do is I start with the highest point of my brow and work to its end, I usually apply heavier strokes there, and then I fill the rest of the inner part of the brow with slight lighter strokes. Et Viola!

Product used – Sleek Brown Kit in Extra dark thicker eyebrows

Photo source –Sleek Makeup

xoxo meesh

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