The latest workout trend in Hong Kong and WeBarre experience

I have been practicing Barre since I was in the UK in 2016. Before I moved to the UK, I have been going to yoga for a year already with Pure Yoga Hong Kong. The reason I have switched to try Barre was just that one day I walked past a studio by Quayside when I was walking my Jack Russell puppy.  The Barre studio is called The Barre and it is just 5 mins from where I lived in Quayside, Newcastle. That’s how I started getting into the Barre workout.

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What is Barre?

Barre is a form of exercise focus on small, pulsing movements with emphasis on form, alignment and core engagement. The workout helps to develop lean muscles like a ballerina.

The first time I went to the Barre class, I find it very challenging and it leaves me super sore the next 2 days, as challenging as my equestrian class! It is definitely more difficult than yoga and pilate because it is not just about flexibility but also about strength. Since I don’t have strong arms, so my arms are often exhausted 10 mins into the class because the class usually starts with a series of weight training with 0.5 -1 kilo weights.

Although classes are challenging, it gives me such a sense of satisfaction after class, and it is what gets me going. I have been going there 3 times a week when I was in Newcastle. The results show very fast, I got my 24 inches waist for my pre-wedding photo in London in less than 3 months!

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The WeBarre experience

Recently, I went to try a week pass at the new Singaporean studio WeBarre on Hollywood Road and I quite like it!

Although the class is quite different from the ones I had in the UK, I still find it challenging. With WeBarre though, the class are not that consistent, the content of the class really depends on the instructor. The difference I find between this one in Hong Kong and the one in Newcastle is that the program I had in the UK is a lot more consistent, doesn’t matter which instructor you get you can expect pretty much the same thing if you take the same level of class. The UK one alsohase a lot more C-curve core work and more pile work as well. The UK program uses weights and yoga straps to help with the C curve exercise and stretching, while WeBarre uses tubes instead.

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Instructor at WeBarre

Natalie – Nice trainer who is attentive and her classes are the mildest among all. Good for beginners, especially you haven’t been working out much lately. Her class is the easiest to handle and a great place to start with.

Hairin – Trainer and also owner of the studio. Her class can be quite challenging and I would say her class is quite standard.

Kat – You need to be super motivated and mentally prepared when taking her class. I took one of her class which is supposed to be Fundamental, but it feels just like Multilevel without the HIIT session!

Queena – Her approach is the most similar to the program I had in the UK which I like, with lots of core work that sets your core on fire by the end of it!

You should expect to be very sweaty by the end of the class because a typical class would make you sweaty just in the first 10 mins. I am lucky to live nearby, otherwise you will probably have to prepare to shower right after. The studio provides every toiletries you can think of including bath towels. All you need is a little makeup if you are going somewhere after. However, they only have 1 shower as it is only a boutique size studio.

Let me know your thoughts or questions down in the comments section!

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