Eat pretty Live well – nourish your skin from the inside! – Soupday Hong Kong


If you follow my blog or my instagram @followmeesh you would know that I am a coffee lover and there are a few cafes that I always go to in the Central area. Fast Gourmet is one of my go-to after my barre classes. 

Last week I went to the same street again after my Tai Kwun visit, but I have found that the Fast Gourmet has moved and this cute little shop occupies the space now. And guess what? It’s a Chinese double boiled soup place!



If coffee is my no.1 favorite, Chinese soup definitely comes second. I love a good bowl of Chinese soup because it is so nourishing that it feels like a warm hug when you drink it.

The founder Eric is a soup lover himself. He has a vision to bring back the ancient Chinese secret of holistic well being by delivering the best double boiled soup to busy Hong Kongers.

I asked Eric what inspired him to open Soupday and he told me after he moved back to Hong Kong from the US, he misses the nice Chinese double boiled soups that his mom used to make for him. It feels so soothing to have some nice Chinese soup after a long stressful day at work.

But, it is very time consuming to make Chinese double boiled soup. Only the cooking time takes 4 hours or above, not to mention all the preparation beforehand, like chopping and soaking the ingredients overnight. Which is also why we need to preorder the soup. You can get your on most of the major delivery companies like foodpanda, honestbee and deliveroo.


Top – Double boiled mixed fungus vegan soup

Bottom – Double boiled fish maw with fresh milk soup

Inside of Double boiled mixed fungus vegan soup – Greenday
Inside of Double boiled fish maw with fresh milk soup – Ladiesday

Not only do they make Chinese double boiled soup but they also offer Chinese congee full of goodness.

There are 7 soups, 2 rice and 4 congee to choose from the menu. They even name the soups with Classday, sweetday, ladiesday, greenday, betterday, workday and what’stoday. It’s very informative for people who are not very familiar with what the different ingredient does to your body and you can just pick the soup according to the name.

I really like Ladiesday ( Fish maw with fresh milk) and Greenday (Mixed fungus) because Fish maw soup is famous for nourishing your skin and the anti age effect and mixed fungus is vegan friendly.

Soupday HK (

Address: 5 Shin Hing Street, Central
‭Contact: +852 6386 4688
Opening hours for DINE IN & takeaway:
Mon-fri: 4-8pm
Sat&Sun: 11am-7pm

Where to order home / office delivery?
Deliveroo, honestbee, foodpanda


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