Do you have warm or cool undertone? Meeting Celine from My French Elegance at Le spa Caudalie.


I have always been a fan of Caudalie since I lived in Nîmes, France in my university years. They basically have all their products made in grapes with antioxidant effects.

So when they invited me to the event tonight I said yes!

Tonight at Le spa Caudalie, the place was pretty packed as the spa is not a big space. Situated on Gough street in Central, Le spa Caudalie is tucked in a nice little street dotted with chic coffee shops and individual boutiques, one of my favorite street in Central. I was glad that I went there because that’s how I met Celine from My French Elegance.

She analyzed my skin tone to identify if I have warm or cool undertone by putting a gold and silver cape around me to see which color suits my skin better.



I have always thought I have a warm undertone because I think I don’t have pale skin. So when Celine asked me which one looks better on me, I said gold. But she pointed out that when I wear the silver cape, the yellow color of my skin is less prominent and my complexion looks brighter!

One misconception here, pale girls can have warm undertone and dark-skinned girls can also have cool undertone. Viola Davis has cool undertone, and Nicole Kidman has warm undertone! Isn’t it quite surprising?

Sometimes It is a little hard to identify for youself, but you can watch this video below to find out on your own or you can get a consultation with Celine Lamour from My French elegance! 




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