Review | Melvita Pulpe de Rose Plumping radiance duo

I am obsessed with Rose! Last night I went out with a friend and I had Rose tea latte and rose crepe cake in the same meal! This is how crazy I am with roses, 0 resistance.

So, it is only natural for me to have tried this Pulpe de Rose Plumping radiance duo (HKD$280 / EUR€22.50)! What a mouthful name!

Melvita pulpe de rose radiance duo

I have always been a fan of natural skincare and French brands, so naturally, Melvita is on my list.

This product is quite a unique one because nowadays almost every brand has its own serum, facial oil, and face tone or face mist. But, not every brand has this kind of water and oil combined product like this one here!

As you can see, I have used 85% of the products already so its fair for me to review the product now.

best water and oil melvita pulpe de rose radiance duo


First of all, I wanted to say I am already looking to buy the second bottle! This is how good this product is. I don’t usually repurchase products because I always want to try something new and there are always more interesting products out there that is on my list and I want to try. But for this one I feel like it is really suitable for my skin and also my habit so this is one to stay.

The packaging is super simple, just a glass bottle with a spray. This radiance duo spray consist of 75% Damask rose floral water & 25% Damask rose oil. While the floral water provides revitalizing properties, while rose oil helps to regenerate your skin.

Melvita pulpe de rose oil and water duo.png

You have to shake the bottle to mix the oil and water before you spray it upon your face. I like it a lot better than pure facial oil alone which is the usual product that is offered by beauty brands nowadays. Because I have combination skins, when I use facial oil for a few days straight I noticed it is too heavy for my skin and small bumps start to accumulate under my eye, on my cheeks. However, this duo offer the perfect balance of water and oil for my skin type with just the right amount of oil.

Melvita radiance duo review

This is how it looks when I just spray the duo, it is runny but not as thin as water. When I spray directly on my face it doesn’t drip at all.

Melvita pulpe de rose review

Tihs is how it looks like after I massage it in on the back of my hand, it just leaves a sheen on the top but will be absorbed.

Remember I just mentioned that I like this product also because it suits my habits? I use this as a toner at night after I come out of the shower with a clean face. Then I would continue to put on body lotion all over and change into my PJs. So I don’t immediately follow up with the rest of my skincare routine until like 5-10 minutes later. (Sometimes I even play with instagram a little bit on my bed before getting dress. LOL)

With this product, I don’t need to worry the toner is going to dry really fast and me not putting on the rest of my serum and cream straight away. Since this product has 25% oil in it, it prevents your skin from drying out before you continue with the rest of your skincare routine. Plus, it adds more hydration to your skin than pure water toners. The rose oil really helps to give your skin glow and radiance that I actually feel my skin texture have improved in just about 10 days!

I also feel like I save on the amount of cotton rounds I use everyday since it comes with a spray bottle. I am trying to do the environment some goods lately and bringing my own coffee mug to work, but I notice we girls use so many cotton rounds every morning and night so I feel good in just knowing I no longer need to use cotton rounds when I replace my normal toner with this radiance duo spray!

I highly recommend this product! If you haven’t try it, you really should! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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