Yeah going home with lush butterbear

Lush bathbomb workshop – butterball

LUSH again?! I know…..  But this time it is not just about shopping for a bathbomb. It’s actually MAKING it at the shop!

It was such a cool experience, joining this LUSH workshop to make my own butterbear bathbomb! I am sure many LUSH fans have try this classic butterball bathbomb, and each year LUSH would change the form of it. This time it didn’t come in a ball shape, but a polar bear shape!

It was really fun and I have lots of photos to show you guys here.

So first to start we were given some purple gloves I quite like the colour. Haha! Much better than the white ones I think.



The girl in green hair is telling us some instruction and process before we start.


Then, we are given the plastic polar bear shaped mould. The first step we need to do is, to give the polar bear it’s brown nose.

lush workshop bathbomb

Below is with me pushing the brown bits into the nose area and making sure that it is packed with no space left, otherwise the nose might break if it is not stuffed hard enough.



Nose job done! Look at this, brown nose! : D

By the way I am loving this lip color that I am wearing. *grin*


Now the nose is done, we just need to fill the rest of the mould with mixture of cocoa butter, Ylang Ylang Oil, Cocoa Powder and Musk into the mould.

lush butterball in the making

pushing the ingredients in lush workshop bathbomb in the making

everyone is working hard at it lush workshop

Then its done! We are then given a paper bag to put the bear shaped bathbomb in to take home with us! Because the bathbomb takes 24 hours to set completely, so we just take the mould with us as well.

Finished packed lush butterbear in the brown bag

The workshop lasted about 10-15 minutes and I am quite enjoy it!

Yeah going home with lush butterbear

The cost is only £1.95 for this workshop, it is exactly the price for the butterbear bathbomb. So basically its free you just pay for the bathbomb itself.

happy girl with lush butterbear

Be sure you check out your local Lush store because they usually have workshops scheduled during festivals like Easter or Christmas or holiday seasons. They would put up a timetable on the display window, listing date and time of the workshops.

Have you try their workshop previously?

Which bathbomb did you make?

Share on the comments below!




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