Baking for the lazy girls! Jus-roll Chocolate chip brioche

Look at this! Doesn’t they look legit?

jus rol chocolate chip brioche.JPG

I got some of these Jus-roll chocolate chip brioche from Tesco the other day, because they are on offer. Check it out here. They are having a 2 for £3 promotion now.

Jus-rol chocolate chip brioche review.png

I picked a box of pain au chocolat and a box of chocolate chip brioche (see above). The yellow packaging is quite cute.

jus rol pain au chocolat review.png


It’s the first time I purchased anything from the brand. One morning I woke up quite early and can’t fall back to sleep. So I just started to bake these little brioches while boyfriend is still asleep. He was definitely impressed when he woke up to a kitchen smelling of fresh pastries and see these little cute brioche!

jus rol chocolate chip brioche

They are so easy to make they took me around 30 mins from start to finish which is pretty quick I think!

In terms of taste, it was ok, not as good as those store brought ones. I think it was more fun to bake it than to actually eat it.

Though I made those pain au chocolat like a week after. They are actually way better than the brioche. I loved those and they were gone within minutes, compare to those chocolate chip brioche, they took days for us to actually finish the 6 of them. My little brother also enjoyed baking the pain au chocolat with me as well! You get to roll the chocolate stick into the butter puff pastries which is quite fun! (Sorry guys, I don’t have photos for the pain au chocolat cause they are gone within a few mins that I forgot to take any photos of it.)



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