Review | Celine luggage in black smooth leather


Oh this gorgeous handbag! How can we ladies not fall in love with it? The first item I got from Céline is the black nano luggage in smooth leather. It is made with very top quality leather inside out!

Just a gorgeous handbag with excellent craftsmanship. I have it for about 3 years already and I use it almost everyday. The leather gets softer the more you carry it, and it also becomes a bit shinier than before,  because good leather releases patina overtime with use. It just ages beautifully.


I always think that the bag itself looks like face of a robot so I always call it “my little robot”. I like that it is small so that I can carry it over my arm (like the above photo) and I can also carry it crossbody when I need to free my hands.

Another thing is, it is hard to find bags that can allow you to dress up and down. But this one, it can be casual chic, when I wear just a white button down shirt, jeans and heels. It can also be super classy and elegant, like when I wear a cocktail dress I can detach the long shoulder strap and just carry it by the top handles.

Just love it!

After 3 years, it still remains as my most used everyday bag!

Let me know what you think about this bag by commenting below!

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