Celine luggage in black smooth leather


Oh this gorgeous handbag! How can we ladies not fall in love with it? The first item I got from Céline is the black nano luggage in smooth leather. It is made with very top quality leather, both inside and outside.

Just a gorgeous handbag with excellent craftmanship. I have it for about 3 years already and I use it almost everyday. The leather gets softer the more you carry it, and it also become a little bit more shiny than before, because leather release patina overtime with use. It is just ageing beautifully.


I always think that the bag itself looks like face of a robot so I always call it “my little robot”, as if it is my pet. I like that it is small so that I can hand carry it, put it on my arm and I can also carry it crossbody. It can be casual chic, when I wear just a white button down shirt, jeans and heels. It can also be super classy and elegant, when I wear a cocktail dress.

Just love it.

xoxo meesh


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