Yeah going home with lush butterbear

Lush bathbomb workshop – butterball

LUSH again?! I know…..  But this time it is not just about shopping for a bathbomb. It’s actually MAKING it at the shop! It was such a cool experience, joining this LUSH workshop to make my own butterbear bathbomb! I am sure many LUSH fans have try this classic butterball bathbomb, and each year LUSH would change the form of it. This time it didn’t come … Continue reading Lush bathbomb workshop – butterball

lush bubble bath bomb dragon egg

All things Lush – Dragon’s Egg bubble bath bomb

My love for LUSH is endless! I mentioned about the cheapest place to get Lush products in Asia in an earlier post, read here. Since I have moved to the UK, I am even more addicted to Lush’s products, since it is where the brand originated. We have the best price in the UK. After a long stressful day at work, I love coming home to a … Continue reading All things Lush – Dragon’s Egg bubble bath bomb