ezenssi by carol hydrating serum

Hong Kong’s natural ingredient skin care company – Ezenssi by Carol

I have a thing for products made with natural ingredients. Also handmade skincare, specially anything made with essential oils, because they all smell gorgeous and soothing, doesn’t feel artificial at all. Also, I don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals that might irritate my skin. I have written about another Balinese aromatherapy company in my previous post.

Ezenssi by Carol


Ezenssi store in Stanley

I have discovered this local Hong Kong brand Ezenssi by Carol when I visited Stanley Market. Ezenssi by Carol is a local skin care company from Hong Kong that specializes in sourcing quality essential oils, aromatherapy supplies, skincare products, soaps and raw materials etc.

I had really pleasant experience the last two times I have been to Carol’s shop, and she is very patient in explaining everything you want to know about the products. She would even share how she make the products too. Today, I am reviewing their Hydrating Serum.

ezenssi by carol hydrating serum I love the smell of neroli! My current favorite perfume is Bois d’Orange from Roger & Gallet.

The packaging is nice and cute, house in a glass bottle with dropper. Very hygienic and easy to control the amount you need. The coolest thing about this product is that they use Neroli distillate as their main ingredient instead of just water. The serum is very light weight and so easy to absorb. The texture is a light viscous gel.

texture serum ezenssi by carol

I use this hydrating serum from Ezenssi by Carol everyday, because hydrating is so important. I sometimes use it after toner and before cream as normal, but sometimes I will top it with an anti-aging serum / whitening serum / any targeted action serum on top of it. Because this serum hydrates my skin so quickly, it prepares my skin to absorb the targeted serum I layer on after, and makes my skin take in whatever I apply afterwards even better.

ezenssi by carol

As you can see here, I am almost running out! There’s like only 5% left in the bottle?! I think I will run out in a weeks time, given the amount I use everyday! Other than using it in my daily skin care routine, I also apply it before I put sheet masks or cream masks on to boost the effectiveness of the mask. I sometimes even apply it on my hand before I apply hand cream before bedtime.

All in all, I like the fact that this hydrating serum from Ezenssi by Carol, which is made with only a few simple ingredients, but so well made and effective.

Ingredients – Neroli Hydrosol, Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe vera gel, glycerin, cucumber extract, witch hazel extract, preservative.

Now I wanna try their other products too!


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