This Longchamp bag really blows me away! Mademoiselle boho bag


“Oh wow!” was my reaction when I first saw this bag! I have never been attracted to Longchamp’s bag before.

Mademoiselle Longchamp bag

Though yes! Longchamp is a French girl’s firm favorite, you can see a lot of French girls on the street of Paris carrying the Le Pliage bag. Especially when I studied college in France, half of my female classmate carries a Le Pliage to class. It is light weight and roomy with a reasonable price tag.

Freja Beha Erichsen for longchamp

I was never a fan of Longchamp until I see this new Mademoiselle bag, it really blows me away! It is not the typical Longchamp that we see! Longchamp describes it as the “most assertive bag yet”! This design definitely offers a sense of freshness and youth to the brand. And see how Freja Beha Erichsen carries it with that nonchalant attitude! Très chic indeed!

Inspired by this season’s theme “Parisianing” and the 1970s. The perforated leather makes it look interesting in the front and the shape is structured and clean, which I really like. For the same reason why I like the Celine luggage. The clasp is also a signature of Longchamp. I like how it is so versatile, you can wear it with the wide and short should strap or you can use the detachable long should strap to wear it crossbody or wear it long on your shoulder.

The Mademoiselle bag has launched today 29th August, 2017 in store, retail at €990 / US$1,295.


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