Best ever anti aging makeup remover – HR’s Prodigy makeup remover

The world’s best anti aging makeup remover! Helena Rubinstein’s Prodigy make up remover

empty helena rubinstein prodigy make up remover


This is the bomb! I am so in love with this that I have used the very last bit just this evening.

I normally don’t think I need to spend a fortune on make up remover, it just needs to do the job well, cleanse my face thoroughly. Which I think Lancome’s makeup remover is great and does the job really well, it’s mild and doesn’t strip moisture from my face. So I kind of stick to it for quite some time.


Then one day I was getting my favorite mascara from Helena Rubinstein (Yes, I know! They are so good!) and I tried some of this Prodigy Make up remover on my hand while I was at the counter. It felt so good that I just said “yes” when the SA asked, “Would you like to take one of those with you today?” I know! Weak!

Although I felt guilty the minute I walked out of the department store. I was so glad I have bought this makeup remover after my very first use. A beautiful creamy makeup remover!

First of all, it is really nourishing! Talk about anti-aging! I am very concern about washing my face and removing makeup with the right cleanser, because bad cleansers can strip moisture from your face. I used to use cleansing oil but the emulsifier inside it ( which helps to turn the oil into white milky texture before you wash it off) is not good for your skin.

This oil in cream remover first came out like a cream (duh? lol), but when you slather on your face and massage it, it turns into a mild soothing oil (doesn’t emulsify in contact with water). With 70% micellar oils combined with a purifying Bio-Sap, it completely remove makeup on your face, while give your face a soothing, moisturizing effect. I felt an increased radiance after using this cream cleanser!


They are now giving a sample along with their mascara box set. Be sure to pick those up to try for yourself when you run out of your make up remover! So amazing I love this!

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