Wedding trend 2016 -Show the world your killer legs! Wedding Gowns with High slits

I am tired of seeing sweet heart necklines in wedding dresses. Period. Why do we need to be “sweethearts” all the time? Is it because it is generally flattering on every body shape? Or its that inner-little girl-who-always-wanted-to-be-princess talking? I don’t know and I don’t get it.

I definitely don’t want to look like everyone else on my wedding.

When brides think of adding sexiness in their dresses all they think about is show some cleavage…… Yes, cleavage is sexy but we ladies have more than one sexy bits right? What about long lean legs?



Zuhair Murad

Zuhair Murad


I think Long lean legs are definitely sexy and I think it is classier than cleavage sexiness. It is not too much nor too tacky.


Top- Tadashi Shoji /Bottom – Pallas Couture 

To show our killer long legs, high slit is the best way to go. It doesn’t expose your legs when you stand still and it only does when you walk or pose. It is always the fine line between shown and not shown that makes things mysterious and interesting. At least the French would agree. Overexposed cleavage is always a big no for true Parisienne which leaves no imagination for the guests.

Image source – Pinterest

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