Mansure Gavriel – I am so disappointed and frustrated!

Meesh is not happy!!!! 😦 I have been looking for a backpack for the longest time in my life. I am not a backpack person, and I have 0 backpack for year because I couldn’t find any that I like and is the right size. I am a petite asian girl with small frame, many of the nicely designed backpacks are too big on me. I have choice phobia. Yes, but when I first saw this backpack on their website. I can tell this is love at first sight. I just really really really want it! It is practical, has a simple design, good quality leather,  just the right size and has no logo! All boxes checked! Usually I only fall in love with handbags that are from high fashion brands, but this one, ohhh it melts my heart!


mansure-gavriel-mini-backpackImage source

These backpacks ranges from USD$695 – 950, which for this price point is not low, considering Mansur Gravriel is not a haute fashion brand and does not have regular show in one of the four fashion weeks. (Yes, this is how one define if the design house is a “high fashion” brand or not.)

mansure-gavriel-pink-backpackImage source

How hard could it be to get a backpack from Mansur Gavriel? This is now nearly November and I have been waiting to get my hands on these mini backpacks from MG for almost a year. One freaking year, and I still have not lay my hands on them. Someone please tell me is it normal?!

I have a feeling that this is worse than the Celine luggage bag wait. Jeez….

Anyone who is as frustrated as me here? Or is it just me?

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