Spa experience at the Caudalie Spa Hong Kong

I had a very rough and stressful month at work and I couldn’t sleep well for weeks, my skin is definitely complaining! So I decided to save my skin and treat myself. I visited the Caudalie Spa twice last month, so now I can write a review to share with you guys. 🙂

The treatment I had was the VINOPERFECT RADIANCE FACIAL, for complexion Correcting & Anti-Dark Spot.

The boutique & spa is located on Gough Street, Central. I am sure anyone who knows Central and loves food will know where this street is. It’s kind of between Sheung Wan and Central. With quite a few nice restaurants and cafes dotting the street.


The ground floor is a boutique and the second floor is the spa area. Upon arrival I was greeted by one of their staff, and once I told them I am here for a treatment, I was led into the waiting area with a cup of tea. They gave me a form to fill in for my first visit to be sure that I am not allergic to what is used in the following treatment. Then I was led to the treatment room on the second floor. The treatment room is quite big to Hong Kong standard and there are only two rooms. The atmosphere is quiet and tranquil, which makes you forget that you’re actually in Central, the busiest area in town.


The treatment is specifically created for tired skin. My therapist Priscilla starts with makeup removing, cleansing and peeling with a Clarisonic brush. While I own the Clarisonic brush myself, I never use it along with peeling. (The therapist said that one shouldn’t attempt to do this at home as it may be too harsh on your skin if not used correctly.)

After thorough cleansing, it is the most dreaded part – extraction! I had a pimple on my face at the time so the therapist killed it for me. It hurts of course but it was much needed, so it heals much faster. Never ever pop a pimple on your own. Big no.

Then the part that I look most forward to is here, the sculpting massage, its definitely the highlight of the treatment! My therapist applied essential oils all over my face, and massaged it with two hot basalt stones in her hands, to promote blood circulation while the heat on the stone helps penetrates the oils into the skin. Then she switched to two cold stones and massage my face again to awaken the luminosity of the complexion.

After that, a radiance peeling mask was applied and I had about 20 mins rest. The treatment ended with the application of Vinoperfect serum and cream, and I woke up having a really awakened, fresh face.

The cost for this treatment is 50 minutes $780 | 75 minutes $1,080. It’s pretty reasonable, compare to hotel spas. If you have congested pores and needs more extractions, I would suggested you to go with the 75 mins so the therapist will have more time to calm your skin after extraction to reduce the redness that was caused by the procedure.

Overall, I am pretty satisfied with the experience both times. I would rate this treatment 7.5/10 for this overall experience.

CAUDALIE - SHOP GOUGH street Interior_4-m

After the treatment you will be tempted to shop for the products that they used during the treatment downstairs! I picked up a Vinoperfect Complexion Correcting Radiance Serum (HK530) to go home with me after the treatment too! The serum has an ingredient called Viniferine, and it is a natural ingredient to fight against dark spot. It is a whooping 62 times more effective than vitamin C to combat dark spots and boosting skin Radiance. I like they use natural ingredients backed by science research!


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