Gender inequality a la Jennifer Lawrence, and more on chivalry.

hunger-game-jennifer-lawrenceJennifer Lawrence, a true warrior. 

Jennifer Lawrence finally spoke after the Sony hack earlier in an essay for Lena Dunham’s Lenny Letter e-newsletter, stating that she is angry at herself for giving up too early and being too nice, when it comes to salary negotiation.

Celebrities like her American Hustle co-star Bradley Cooper and UN Women Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson has shown support to her. I agree that there should be no wage gap between female and male at workplace.


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There are significantly more men then women in important positions in private business sector and also governments in all countries. Men are always the majority of decision makers. When an important meeting is held, you can easily see that.

But it also got me thinking about gender equality and chivalry behaviour from men. While in the workplace we are seeking for no pay gap between male and female workers. I am not sure if I would want equality other than that.



Gentlemen behaviour are always nice to have and it makes people happy. Like when a guy holds the door for you, carry groceries for you, pay on the first date, we ladies enjoy it and gives extra credit to those genlemen, isn’t it?

We won’t criticize them and tell them what they just did is sexist. Right?

But nowadays, chivalry is just less displayed by modern young men in our society.

100 years ago, on the memorial of Titanic, there is an inscription that reads, “To the brave men who perished in the wreck of the Titanic…They gave their lives that women and children might be saved.

Now let’s come back to 2011, when the cruise ship Costa Concordia in Tuscany hit a rock, men pushed women and children away so that they can get on the lifeboat. They even ask people to shut the door after they got on, not letting more people on it. One reported wrote, “they (the men) were worse than women”.

Is that what we ladies really want? I wouldn’t want my son to be a coward with no manner at all. (Not that I am going to be a mother.)

As much as I think I am independent and no less capable than men, I enjoy chivalry a lot. It makes me feel cherished and being taken care of, especially displayed by your special someone.

I think it is all about having a balance of everything. Be it gender equality or chivalry.

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