Uniqlo X Jill Sander J+ Try on Haul | Cotton Shirts + Wool Blazer | Extra: In-store refund hack with policy change

I was never a fan of Uniqlo to be honest. When I pass by their shops in malls, I would venture in and try some items on from time to time, but I never seem to be able to find something I think. After going in a few times and bought nothing, I was pretty sure the issue lies in the cutting of the clothes. The simple design and solid colour tops and hoodies had no problem, the only problem for me is the fit.

But when I hear about Uniqlo’s collaboration with Jill Sander, I was screaming inside. So I woke u early on the first day and waited in front of my iPad and snatched a few J+ items into my basket and checked out as fast as I can. I normally wear extra small, but even at 9am all the extra small sizes are gone. So both of the shirt I got are in size small. The blazer that I got is also the nicer version made with 100% wool, so the entry level version made with cotton was sold out by the time I shop as well.

Anyways, I got the items home a few days later and try them on, you can click the video below to see how they look on my petite frame. I am 153 cm and 88lbs.

I absolutely love the white shirt with pleated front, it looks at least 3 times more expensive than it’s actual price, thanks to the pleated details in the front. I also love the material which is quite nice and stiff so the collar stands up properly. I can imagine this white shirt along with the wool blazer would be perfect for any client meeting that I have.

I ended up returning the purple shirt as I feel like I already bought something very similar from Chloe sale two weeks ago. Then I realized Uniqlo changed their return policy and made it a lot harder to refund items in store. They have changed the return policy so that online items cannot be refunded in store, you must notify them online first, and then mail the unwanted items back to their warehouse on your own and pay for the postage.

However, what you can do is bring the unwanted items to the store and exchange for other items. That’s exactly what I did, although before I went to “refund” it I didn’t know they changed the policy. So with this information, I went to exchange the unwanted J+ Jill Sander X Uniqlo shirt to another regular Uniqlo white shirt, then take the Uniqlo white shirt with my new receipt and requested for a refund.

That was the only way to get a refund without wasting my trip to the store. I don’t think this is the most efficient way, but at least that was the best I could come up with. As the return policy only last for 14 days and the day I went into the store for a refund was the 11th day already, it would likely not be able to reach their warehouse by post in only 3 days given the currently Covid situation.

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