Balinese style spa in Central – Moksa Slow Beauty

I love Bali and its peacefulness, so when I found that there is a Balinese style spa in the heart of Central, I told myself I must give it a try!

Moksa spa Central

The first thing I notice is how instagramable this space is at Moksa Slow Beauty.


Then I was asked to pick a seat at the sitting area. There are about 4 of these pink and navy couches.

cozy seating area moksa

Then I was asked to go and pick a flavor of their homemade scrub. I have to say that I was so impressed by the variety of choices they offer here.

Moksa homemade scrub

All of these small glass jars are labeled neatly! So cute! I spent quite some time to open each jar to smell the homemade scrub. I have to say it was quite fun and relaxing!

boutique area

It’s quite interesting that they also have sort of a boutique area, where they display some clothing and accessories for sale. The vibe there are kind of like Balinese mixed with Parisian vibe.

Parisian brand Manucurist nail polish

They also have this Parisian nail polish brand Manucurist nail polish for sale, you can also choose to use their polish for your manicure there!

I love that they offer toxin-free nail polishes because in this fast paced city, people here tend to care more about the price and maybe how long the nail polish would last, but don’t really pay attention to how many toxins we are putting into our body.

nail colour samples

I love how cute the wooden samples boards look here. Everything is quite pleasing to the eye here.

nail colour samples 1

rattan couch at moksa

I really like their rattan furniture too, give the whole place this Balinese style. I quite like the vibe in this space, it gives me a relaxed feeling and I was so at ease when I have my nails done. Compare to the run of the mill nail salon where the space is so small and cramped with as many fake leather armchair as possible, this is such an oasis and sanctuary to relax in. I feel like we are already live in such a stressful city full of people everywhere, so I definitely think it is worth it to spend a little more to have some quality me-time while getting your nails done.

I came back one week after my nail service to have another massage! So I guess I really enjoy the feeling this place brings me.

Moksa Slow Beauty

1F, 30 Hollywood Road, Central (Entrance on Shelley Street)

+852 3421 2007


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