Angellir Room Bra review + try-on

First of all, I don’t have big boobs. I am petite and skinny by nature. So even I wear 30C for a normal bra, I don’t really have any cleavage when I don’t wear a push-up bra.

I don’t like bras with wire in general, because I am quite skinny I often feel the wires digging into my body, in between my boobs. Especially when the bra has been a little bit worn out the wires dig even more.

So when I hear about this Angellir Room Bra from Japan, which has no wires but claims that it can help me move all my boobs into the right place to create that look with cleavage I was very interested to try. I would say it is a shaping bra without wires which sounds pretty cool to me.

So here I am ordering it for myself to try it out! Hope you enjoy the video.


I quite like the bra after wearing it for a day, it is comfortable to wear at home and also outside. Not to mention it is also very good looking, elegant and sexy with all the lace and this romantic pink color. I have to say that I am also impressed at how it makes my boobs more centered, thus makes them look a lot perkier and more voluminous!

I will definitely consider purchasing more in other colors!


After wearing it for almost 2 months, I decided to get one more of these but I didn’t want to wait for the package to arrive all the way from Taiwan to Hong Kong, especially there are a lot of shipment delays due to Covid so I got my second one from Don Don Donki instead. It is a different brand and slightly cheaper but it doesn’t feel much difference between the two. I do like the effectiveness, as the shoulder straps are a lot thicker and the back offers a lot more support compare to a normal bra and it definitely helps me keep the shape of my breasts to stay where they should be. 

Let me know your thoughts or if you have any questions in the comment box below!

5 thoughts on “Angellir Room Bra review + try-on

  1. Hi dear, can I know which website did you get this 3D room bra from? I saw a few from FB, not sure they are the real one… Pls advise.


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