I launched an Online Store! – The Honey Tale

Hello everyone! I know I haven’t been active for a while, that is because I was preparing for my online store The Honey Tale! For those of you who know me, you would know that I have decided not to consume sugar. I don’t drink anything other than water, sugar-free tea or coffee. But, I don’t restrict myself when it comes to honey. In fact, I love honey! Any kinds of honey, and anything with honey! I love body lotions, hand creams or body scrub with honey as well.

When I was in the UK, I used to live in Newcastle Upon Tyne and I live by Quayside. Every Sunday, I would go to the Quayside Sunday Market which is just 5 mins away from my apartment. That’s where I came across the local bee farmer there. They are a family business and they make the best English soft set honey. Their honey is so good that even Fenwick Food Hall also carries their honey.

Then, I relocated to Hong Kong from the UK in 2017 and I found that in Hong Kong it is very hard to find quality honey unless you pay a fortune and you have to go to a specialty store for it. Most of the honey I see from the local supermarkets are not the best in quality. Mostly are heat treated, filtered and even diluted.

Because I have been looking for real honey everywhere with no luck. So I have decided to bring my beloved English honey from Newcastle to Hong Kong. If you are also a honey love, please support me by checking out my online store.


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