Calling JDM cars lovers! Experience road trip in Japan with your favorite JDM | Zoom Zoom Japan

If you are into JDM cars, I am pretty sure you would love the idea of driving a JDM car during your trip to Japan. Just like our teenage favorite manga / movie / animation Initial D. Imagine driving your dream JDM car (be it AE86 or not) and enjoy the roads at the famous 5 consecutive hairpins or any mountain roads of Japan freely, Zoom zoom can do just that!

Zoom zoom Japan is a car rental experience company specialized in providing JDM cars to people who want to experience Japan like they never have before. They are not your average car rental companies, all the vehicles that are available for rentals are retro cars and limited edition JDM!

They are a team of JDM car experts with a motto “Life is too short to drive boring cars.”, dedicated to fulfil fellow JDM lovers from around the world to make their dreams come true, providing premium and limited edition retro JDM car driving experience in Japan. They have a wide car selections to choose from, pick one today!

Their cars are located in Chiba, which is only 18 minutes drive from Narita airport. They can arrange your dream car to be picked up directly at the airpot as well! Making it super easy and convenient to pick up right after you arrive Japan.

Zoom Zoom Japan

Telephone: +81 43-386-4096


Address: 917-10 Enokido, Yachimata-shi, Chiba, 289-1106, Japan

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