Hong Kong-based niche perfume house – Floriography

I don’t know about you but I love perfume and anything that smells good. I also have a thing for complicated and uncommon scents as well, that’s why LUSH has been one of my favorite when it comes to perfume. I love scents that are uncommon and intriguing, which I know I won’t smell like anyone on the street.

There aren’t many niche perfumer in the city of Hong Kong, so when I found Floriography which is based in Hong Kong I have to try their stuff and find out more. And, I have to say I was impressed! I love supporting local brands as well!

I was lucky enough to try three of their mini perfume spray. They are No. 38 Baked Apple, No. 39 Osmanthus Tea and No. 40 Bar Rocking Chair.


First of all, I love the packaging! These babies are all housed in a nice glass spray bottle which is slim and long, so it’s super easy to carry around in my purse on a daily basis. (I like to top up my perfume after lunch.)

Osmanthus tea perfume.JPG

In terms of the scent, I find No. 39 Osmanthus Tea is very refreshing! Normally I am not a big fan of floral scent because I find it too girly / too floral but this one I think is just right! It smells like Osmanthus of course but it is not too floral in my opinion, probably because there is also the smell of green tea to balance it out. Also, Osmanthus is not that commonly used in the West, which makes the perfume quite “Asian”

floriography niche perfumer.JPG

For the No. 38 Baked Apple, I think it gives such a warm vibe to the skin, and it smells like French Apple pie to me! I can sense the apple and cinnamon right off the bat and then some warm and sweet vibes with maple syrup and vanilla. It’s a very cozy fragrance for me and I love to wear it when I want to curl up and read a book with a cup of coffee.

The last one is No. 40 Bar Rocking Chair. This one is the most special one for me out of the three because it really does transport me to a bar in winter, it reminds me of cognac and fireplace. Probably because of the woodsy smell, I think this one is my favorite out of the three. As I love unique and interesting scent rather than the more traditional and classic ones!

All three are quite long-lasting I feel. I would say they last at least 4 to 6 hours depending on the weather and your skin.

Floriography Fragrances





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