How does Invisible aligner work? | My Easysmile experience

If you have been following my on Instagram, you may have already known that I have just finished my clear aligner treatment with Easysmile.

I wanted to straighten my teeth for years. I even ask my mother why she didn’t make me wear braces when I was in high school. Then came my engagement, so I just feel like it is really the time to do it! So I have visited a few Orthodontists to enquire about Invisalign treatment and did a few consultations, but they all are not very affordable I have to say…… The ones I have been for consultation roughly quoted around US$5,000+.

Then, one day I came across Easysmile and saw that they have clear aligner treatment available at the fraction of the price, compare to the few Orthodontists I have visited previously. I wanted to see if any other people have done it before with Easysmile, but I wasn’t able to find any reviews at the time as it was quite new. So, I read through almost every page of the website and asked a lot of questions before I actually feel ready to book a consultation with them.

I had a very good experience with my consultation, so it gave me a lot of confidence to start the treatment! So I went ahead with it and paid for the US$1980 fee, which is about 50% less than the traditional ones. Below is a Youtube video that I filmed right after I received my box a few weeks after my consultation.

Here is a closer look at what’s inside my Easysmile package.
I like it they don’t print a big booklet with instructions, but saved paper and the environment by just printing the instruction url on the flap of the box.
Here are the 10 steps of clear aligners, chewies, teeth whitening gel, led whitening lights and a few Retainer cleaning tablets.

So far I am really loving the convenience of this treatment, because it is so easy and there is no need to have frequent visit to the dentist’s office. I can also whiten my teeth while straightening. The whitening gel and the light system really gave me whiter teeth every time I use it, which is a pleasant bonus for me.

The only inconvenience is I can no longer savour my morning coffee for like an hour, which I usually do. I usually keep my morning coffee in a thermos and I sip it while I reply my email first thing in the morning. Now I have to quickly eat and drink my coffee so I can put my aligners back as soon as I am done with eat and drink.

All in all, I recommend this treatment if you are on a budget or if you want to save time from going to dentist’s office all the time, then I think Easysmile could be for you.

If you are also considering having your teeth straighten, let me know if the comments below and feel free to ask me anything.

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