How to treat dry and itchy scalp after bleaching?


I fall in love with unicorn hair colors the year I lived in the UK. Since then I have tried bleaching my hair at home and at the salon. Even after I move back to Hong Kong where it is not that socially acceptable to have baby pink hair color or anything unconventional. I was still into colors that require bleaching (I have naturally dark brown hair).

So 3 months ago, I went to a hair salon to have my hair dye to a light grey granny color and they had to bleach my hair twice to achieve the tone and the color that I was going for. Then, the nightmare begins after I walked out of the salon. Don’t get me wrong, my hair looks good, I would say probably 90% like what I imagined. And 90% is good already according to my past experience. However, my scalp becomes super dry and flaky.

How I combat with bleach burn

I was looking for a treatment everywhere which can help ease my itching and flaking scalp. It’s not pretty to look at, every time I wear a dark color top or dress people can see I have a lot of dandruff and even my boyfriend asked what happened to my hair and did I wash them.

I knew my scalp is extremely dry and irritated but it is hard to find any products that address this issue. There were a lot of hair masks from every brand, but none are really made for the scalp.

Then I found Hairy Jayne in a small natural skincare shop. I came across the treatment oil (£14) which claims to addresses the exact problem that I have so I gave it a try. I have to say I am impressed! First, it smells so good and the ingredients are vegan and natural with no chemicals. It really helps to nourish my scalp and relieve irritations. I was so glad that I accidentally stumbled upon them.

However, if you cannot find the Hairy Jayne in your city, I am pretty sure you can find alternatives from other brands. Just look for treatment oil that are meant for the scalp and provide nourishing properties. You can use the good old reliable coconut oil as well. It works but I try to avoid it as it is very hard to wash the greasiness away afterwards, so I feel it is not the product for me because I also have very fine hair. The coconut oil method is just not suitable for my hair type.  One or two shampoos won’t clear all the greasiness. I tried!


Here is how the Hairy Jayne treatment oil is like in texture. It’s a runny oil, super nourishing and you can just wash it off with shampoo. I usually leave it on for at least 30 mins or more before I wash it off. Although it is meant to use on your scalp I sometimes use it on the ends of my hair too, and I would leave it on overnight because I want to fix the problem so bad.

Another thing that I really love is the oil smell so good it feels super relaxing like my hair is having its own spa treatment.


I also got the treatment conditioner (£14) along with the pre-shampoo treatment. The texture is thick, it is not runny at all it is almost like cream-in-a-jar like of texture. It is not that easy to pour it out from its plastic bottle after I have used it halfway. It takes a lot of squeezing. And, as you can see it doesn’t even slide down when I tilt my hand, neither.


It does such a good job of detangling my really dine and detangled hair but it also weights them down a little bit so I only use that once a week. If you don’t have super fine hair like me, you can probably use it as a regular conditioner.

Sometimes I also mix the two items together, when I want to boost the nourishing effect but don’t have time to leave the oil on my hair for 30 mins or more.


So far I really like both of the products that I got from Hairy Jayne and I feel safe because they use all natural ingredients to make their hair products that really work. Not only are they so good to my hair but they are also good for the sense and environment! The 2 products that I tried smell divine and they are cruelty-free and have registered with the Vegan society!

I would definitely repurchase if I can find the shop again. I wish they have an official distributor here in my city.

What other treatments have you guys tried to tackle this irritated and flaking scalp problem? Let me know down before in the comment box!

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