My favorite nail salon in Central – Canary Nail



I am not really a fan of gel nail so most of the time when I go to nail salon. I just want a classic and simple manicure. I am also not into any fancy patterns or hand drawn nail art.

When it comes to manicure, what I am looking for is to have my nail cuticles completely cleans and my nails shaped to perfection and then have a nice solid color of nail polish. That’s it. It sounds easy and simple but not many salons do a good job of it. Many of them only focus on having the fanciest hand drawn art or special patterns etc. So since my first visit to Canary nail, I have already been impressed by their standard and how serious they do their job. I just have to say that Japanese do have a very good work attitude and customer service. So it’s not a surprise that my favorite nail salon and hair salon in Central are both operated by the Japanese.


They actually have two branches in Central and the one I went to is the one of Queen Victoria Street.


The style of the interior is nice and warm with a lot of brown and wood.


One side is for manicure and the other side is for pedicure.


There are lots of gel nail designs and OPI nail polish for you to choose from.


My beautician used different tools to remove any cuticles and dead skin that I have thoroughly, spending over half the treatment time to perfect the condition and the shape of my nails which I really appreciate.


Then finally gave all my nails a shade of Tiffany blue to finish with! She then check once again to see if there are any nail polish that got on the side of my skin and carefully cleaning them off.

I am so happy with how clean my nails are and can’t rave enough about their service every time I go there. I highly recommend anyone who wants to get their nails done in Central.

They have two branches within Central, so it’s super convenient! I have been telling all my girlfriends about it and they are all so happy with their nails and the service there.

Canary Nails on Queen Victoria Street

1002, 10F, Lee Loong Building, No.4 Queen Victoria Street, Central

+852 3791 2501

Canary Nails in LKF

1402, 14F, Wellington Place (M88) 2-8 Wellington Street, Central

+852 2537 0338


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