How is it like working for On the list?

If you are into fashion and you  live in Hong Kong, I am pretty sure you guys are familiar with designer brand flash sale company, On The List.

I am always into fashion and I always wanted to know how is it like to work for fashion labels. But I have been working in office jobs all my life mainly in Startups, focusing on Sales and Marketing.

What is it like working for On The list


Last month, the startup that I worked for ceased operations and I was left with no full-time work so when I saw the advertisement for part-time sales at On The List, I thought this was the perfect time to explore something that I have always wanted to try.

The interviewing process is rather simple, they just call you in and ask you a few easy and straight forward questions and if they think you are a match. They will then open an online account for you on their HR platform so you can just book yourself any timeslot available.

On the HR platform, you will see a calendar with the shift time and the brand names that are available to book. The shifts are usually 7am to 2pm and then 2pm to 11pm. The event I worked for is the Franco-Japanese fashion legend Kenzo.

Kenzo On the list work experience.png

I love Kenzo’s street fashion style, especially their recent tiger, eyes, and flower theme. Just so chic!

I worked for a good 7 days there and the one thing I really like is the people there are generally really nice and friendly. There are quite a few university students doing part-time there and some are retirees just want to do some work instead of staying at home. Hourly rate is $50 which is on the low end but the work isn’t really hard or difficult. In fact, it can be quiet at time, especially during the morning shift from 7am to 9am, there really isn’t that many customers that would come to shop this early. When its quite the staff will usually use the time to tidy up the merchandise and display them in an appealing manner etc.

The hardest thing for me is probably the standing part. You basically are on your feet the whole time except on your break. I am really not used to standing the whole day because I use to work in an office environment. Each shift, you get a 45mins meal break which is less than the standard 1 hour meal break but still acceptable if you bring your own food. However, if you don’t bring your own food, 45 mins will be tight for you. That’s because the On The List flash sale location is on Dudell’s street in Central  where there is no food options nearby except Starbucks on the same street. Otherwise cafes in Landmarks will be your second closest food option. I have to mention thought, both lunch places are not cheap and you are only making $50 per hour, that means you will most probably end up spending almost $100 on your lunch which equial to 2 hours of your hourly salary working in On The List. Isn’t that a little crazy?

Anyways, I think it is a great experience afterall. I may not want to go back again anymore but at least I know what I like and don’t like in a retail sales jobs like this.

Hope you guys find it useful!



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