7 After Gym Skin Care Tips To Prevent Breakouts


Like the rest of your body, your skin is also awaiting attention and nutrition immediately after a workout. By carrying out the right steps after a session you can walk out with healthy looking skin that is well hydrated. Exercise can help you achieve gorgeous looking skin with a youthful glow. But the possibilities of break out also increase if proper skincare regimen is not followed. Here is a guide to post-workout skin care that will help you maintain a beautiful skin.

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  1. Keep your hands off your face: Your gym equipment contains accumulated sweat and dirt and the first thing you need to do after a workout is clean up before you touch your face. Sweating is a detox for the skin but exposing it to bacteria from your equipment will damage your skin health. Similarly, tie your hair behind and pin them away from your face. Hair products that you use might drip down to your face causing acne and start clogging pores. If you feel the urge to clean your face between workouts then use a clean hand towel or face towel to wipe off the sweat. Pat your face rather than rub to ensure you do not spread your sweat.


  1. Gentle cleansing: Do not wait too long to reach your locker room for a clean up because the longer the sweat stays higher the chances of a breakout. Always carry a mild cleansing face wash with you for using post workout. The urge to scrub after a workout is natural with all the sweat. Exfoliating too often is not necessary as this will dehydrate your skin. Skin care products should always be mild and sensitive to the skin type. Your face wash must be capable of removing the oil, sweat, and dirt on your face without stripping it off the moisture. Try using a hydrating face wash preferably gel based or micellar water of your choice. Vodka such as viniq vodka is also said to have a cleansing effect when used in combination with water.



  1. Your body needs attention too: We often pay no heed to our body when it comes to skin care. Like your face, the skin on the body also could get clogged due to the dirt and sweat and hence cleansing is important. Always use comfortable and good quality gym apparels that are not harsh on the skin. Get out of them immediately after a workout and use a cleansing soap or body wash with mild exfoliants to remove the sweat and open the clogged pores.

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  1. Moisturize: Getting rid of the sweat and dirt is the first and foremost step required immediately after a workout. But cleansing could leave your face and body dry and this could also lead to the dry and patchy skin. Quenching your skin’s thirst for a moisturizer is important. Try using oil-free moisturizers on your skin that will benefit without clogging the pores. Water-based moisturizers are also a great choice for your skin that will provide long-lasting hydration. Use small amount if you have acne-prone skin. Your skin is sensitive after a workout and providing it with moisture at this time will benefit well.



  1. Hydrate: Your skin needs hydration both externally as well as internally. Your body needs to restore the water lost during the workout and hence drinking water is important. Depriving your body of water could cause your skin to look dull and damaged. Instead of gulping down bottles of water have a little before you go for a shower. Save a bottle to have at regular intervals on your way home. Along with hydration, proper nutrition is also important. Have a healthy diet with lots of salads and lean protein. Proper hydration along with the required nutrition will restore color and glow to your skin.


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  1. Don’t forget your SPF: This is a general rule for complete skin care that you should follow everywhere you go. Carry a small bottle of sunscreen and do not forget to apply the same before you step out to go home. Remember to cover all exposed parts of your skin in your gym clothes. Use a broad spectrum sunscreen with high SPF after using a moisturizer. Exercising outdoors is a great choice but never step out to do the same without a sunscreen.



  1. The post-workout look: Well, if you do not want to step out of your gym looking tired and plain then an after workout makeup could be the way. Color correction is necessary for people who tend to get a red complexion post workout. Use a mild color correction concealer and dab some lip color to tone down. With some makeup powder that covers the oily and sweaty patches, your skin is now ready to look gorgeous and jaw-dropping beautiful post workout.


Make sure your remove make up before you begin your workout as this cause your skin to clog. Use a toner on your skin after cleansing. You can prepare your own at home by mixing a spoon of the best scotch, some aloe vera gel and rosewater. You can add your favorite essential oils and this will work miracles especially on oily skin.



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