Review |How to save 15 minutes every morning – eyelash extension at Fiori in Central

Since I have started going back to the gym regularly, I have been wanting to try eyelash extension because I see so many fellow yoga students have extensions on, and they said it really helps them save time getting ready in the morning, as well as between Yoga and office. So I decided to give it a try after much consideration because I really worry my own lashes will be weakened because of extension.

Anyways, after much research I decided to give it a try at Fiori eyelash extension located in Central. The decor is very Japanese with white and cream color throughout. hong kong eyelash extension in central fiori

Fiori eyelash extension central

There is a small sitting area where you can have a cup of tea and choose what kind of style you would like to go for. There are a lot of options! I didn’t know there would be so many different styles to choose from!

eyelash menu fiori eyelash extension central hong kong

eyelash fiori

Then its time to start the treatment, there are 3 very plush armchair and each are separated by a cream color curtain to provide privacy. They even have a blanket for you to cover yourself and rest during the treatment.

fiori armchair

This is how my lashes look like before the extension, which are very straight and not very long.


My beautician placed multiple tapes on my eyelids and under my eyes to hold my eyelid steady and to separate my lashes from my skin. I had the Japanese bundle style, which means I have a bundle of 3 lashes extended from each of my own lash.

fiori eyelash extension

The whole process is so comfortable that I feel nothing at all, I even fell asleep! However, the treatment time is a little bit on the lengthy side. Normally for an eyelash extension it takes about 60 mins but I remember the treatment time here at Fiori was somewhat around 90 mins from the minute the treatment starts. But given how carefully the beautician work with my lashes, I can see why it takes longer than other eyelash salon!

I am quite impress with the result after, my eyes instantly look super charged and wide awake. The eyelash definitely opened up my eyes making them look a lot brighter! I don’t need any eye makeup at all since I have my eyelash extension done. DSC02388


All I need in the morning is just to fill in my brows with my Benefit brow pencil and some lipstick et viola!


I was very fortunate to experience the service at Fiori but all opinions are my own ❤

Two weeks later – I do like how convenient it is as it only takes me 5 mins in the morning to do my makeup with eyelash extensions, but sometimes I feel like the eyelashes give me a “heavy makeup” look because of the volume since I have 3 false lashes extend from each of my own lash. So when I don’t wear a strong brow or without makeup my eyes look too emphasised. I think next time, I will go with a style that is not bundle, meaning I can one false lash extension from each of my own lash.

So far I don’t see any fall out of my own lash and I still have about 70% of the lash extension on. I would recommend this place and return!

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