Review | Crème de la Mer | My all time favorite winter night time product



It’s November and officially winter. It was freezing and rainy today, only 5 degrees here at Newcastle Upon Tyne, with strong wind and rain.

So I have started to go back to my favorite winter moisturizer, crème de la mer from La Mer. I am sure you guys are no stranger to this cult product.




This green little box doesn’t come cheap, but I do like it a lot. I used to use their eye cream – the eye concentrate and the regenerating serum as well but I have only brought back the crème de la mer this winter up until this point.

The refining facial which I got a few months ago (review here) still got a lot left so I have been using that twice a week to prepare for my photoshoot at the end of November in London.


The créme is housed in a white sturdy glass with a plastic over to protect the crème.


The crème itself is very thick, so thick that I remember when I first tried it at Nordstrom Mall of America I wasn’t sold at all. I scooped some out of the jar and patted it on my skin and it feels like it would just sit on top of my kin. But once the SA appears and showed me the right way to apply it, I fell in love with it, bit the bullet and took it with me back to my hotel. I remember at the time, I was looking for something miraculous to cure my jet lagged and troubled skin as I was flying to US from Hong Kong once a month regularly for work.


It really transformed my tired, jet-lagged and dehydrated skin into a healthy looking, smooth and supple complexion in just one night. Since then, I have been a fan of La Mer for years. The only items that I have tried but like the least is their lip balm. Well, I should put it this way, it is nice but I feel like it didn’t worth the £45 price tag.


How to use – Using the scoop that it comes out, scoop out a little bit and warm it up between your palms then press it onto your skin. I don’t use my finger because they are always freezing cold in winter, which just won’t warm up the crème. You will know you have done it correctly if the crème kind of turns into an oil kind of texture. It does make you look greasy for a while though I have to say but this is also why it works so well in winter. It hydrates the skin and also creates a barrier on top of your skin so that it doesn’t dry out while you sleep, and protecting the surface of it.

What can I say? Just love ❤

Now that Christmas is approaching I have been eyeing their sets! Gift sets are always the ones with most value because it always works out cheaper when you get their bundle. I have been eyeing these two lately. Which are the radiance discover collection £225 and the ultimate sculpting collection £270.


The discovery collection £225


The ultimate sculpting collection £270


Which La mer product is your favorite?

3 thoughts on “Review | Crème de la Mer | My all time favorite winter night time product

    1. you can always ask for a small sample before you dish out all that hard earned cash. I did get a sample before I make the first purchase because I had to make sure I absolutely love before I give them all my money! I was only 22 when I get the first jar! So it was a lot of money to me at the time. 🙂 hope that helps check out the xmas set bc it gives you more value!


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