Getting my Chanel bag repair at Chanel store without a receipt

One day while I was sitting at a cafe and was preparing to leave, I casually picked up my Chanel classic double flap bag in midnight blue and suddenly I realized the chain has broken, out of nowhere.

I was so shocked. I texted my financé about my emergency and he took me to the Chanel store right after work. I was in Hong Kong at that time and we went to the store in Causeway Bay.

Chanel midnight blue classic double flap

Actually, the store in Central is the nearest to us but that store closes earlier than the Causeway Bay store so we drove there right away.

Once I arrived there were only 30 mins left before the store close. I told them what happen to my bag and they took care of me immediately. The SA asked me if I have any receipt or dust bag or anything with me. I told her no I don’t have any of those with me. She then proceeds to check and examine the bag to authenticate it make sure it is the real deal. Then she took out a sheet of paper to circle and mark every little scratches and damage she sees.

Chanel double flap after 5 years of use

The whole process took about 6 weeks and it didn’t cost me a penny. I have been using the bag for 5 years and I did not baby it when I carry it around, but I was quite gentle with it. I was so shocked that such expensive handbag would break only after 5 years of use. I am just glad that it could be fixed with no cost.

Below is a video I filmed right after I got the classic flap bag back from the store. They wrapped it so beautifully I almost don’t want to unwrap it!

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