Meesh talks|Why I put in all the effort to blog even I don’t make money out of it (yet)

how to find your true passion

I usually listen to affirmations, audio books or motivation speech in the morning when I am drinking my first cup of tea or coffee while pondering about what outfit I want to wear that day.

This morning I was listening to an audio book called “You are a badass” by Jen Sincero, and I hear her say, “What would you do if making money is not any issue?”. This sentence hit me quite hard I have to say. I instantly think of my blog here where i blog about lifestyle. I am passionate at making contents here to share with the world even though I am not yet making any money out of it. Yes, you hear me! I get freebies sent my way sometimes and a free night stay at luxury hotel from time to time. But am I making a full time living out of No not really. I do have a full time job working for a startup.

So what gets me going? It’s obvious here. This is something that I like to do even I am not making money out of it yet. Would I like to make money out of it? Hell yeah! But not at the moment and I am OKAY with it and I trust that if I produce enough content one day I will have the following to actually give up my day job and be a full time blogger.

What about you? What would you do if making money is not a concern. When you think about it this way, you might just find what is your passion! Some people think that it is so hard to find your true calling, but in fact it is right here for you to see you just have been overlooking it because you may have told yourself “Oh broadway singing is not for me, it is too hard to get in.”, or “I would never be able to feed myself if I become a painter” etc. You are just sabotaging your dreams that way!

So, go out there and try everything that you are interested in and that’s the only way to know if you like something or not, as well as increasing the chance to discover what is your true passion!

Do share in the comment box below if you are also a fellow blogger who is just starting out, or you are struggling to find your true passion or if you just want to join the conversation

Let’s give positive vibe and support to each other here!

xo Meesh

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