Review | Benefit pick-your-own minis review £15 for 4 items | mascara, hightlighter, concealer and lip& cheek tint


I have been naughty I have to admit, shopping a little too much on cosmetics lately. That’s because there are all kinds of Christmas sets out there in the cosmetics department! I have just got a mascara and eyeshadow set from Dior which I absolutely adore last week.

Today, I am going to talk about this super value Benefit pick-you-own mini set. £15 for 4 mini items! Can you believe it?


Because Christmas is approaching they have also include this mini Christmas sock for you to contain all your minis as well! How cute?

There are quite a lot of items to choose from, which gives you great variety of options. I was struggling on which ones to pick at the stand actually.


I finally picked these 4 items. They are Bad Gal lash volumizing mascara, Posie tint lip & cheek stain, high beam liquid highlighter, and the Boi-ing & Eye bright duo.


Mini Bad gal lash 4g at £5 (The regular sized one is 8.5g £17.5, so this is not that mini at all. It’s almost half the size and would cost around £9 for 4g if you work out the math.)

The big ultra-bushy brush is really good to separate and coat your lashes evenly I love it! It is really volumizing as well, just as it says on the package. I only wish it is waterproof because non-waterproof mascara doesn’t hold curl as good as the waterproof ones. But if you have no problem curling your lashes or have naturally curly lashes this is a really good one. It’s just I have stick straight asian lashes….. Otherwise I love it! It is not badass looking (or anything spidery) at all. It is actually very natural and buildable,  you can layer on as many coats as you want.

I would rate it as 4/5.


Mini Posie Tint 4ml at £5. (The regular size is 12.5 ml £24.5, which the mini is one-third of the regular sized product and would cost around £8 for this size.)

This is a poppy pink which is super pretty on the cheeks if you have fair skin, it looks really natural and it is not overpowering at all. It just looks like you have slightly flushed cheeks. I really like it.

On lips it is not drying at all, I usually prep my lips with some Vaseline or Lucas papaw ointment and then I wipe off any excess then apply this. The result is really dewy and hydrated looking lips with an innocent poppy pink hue.

Absolutely adoring this! I would rate it 5/5.


Mini High beam liquid highlighter 4ml at £5. (The regular size is 13ml £19.5, which the mini is about one-third of the regular size product and would cost around £6.5 for this size.)

This is liquid highlighter is described as a luminescent complexion enhancer it has a pearl like sheen to it once applied on your face. The light pink hue makes your complexion looks really healthy which I like. I prefer to work with a brush, a concealer flat brush would do. I usually use it on top of my bb cream and apply it under my brow bones, cheek bones, inner corner of my eyes, bridge of my nose and also on my cupid’s bow to make my lips appear more 3 dimensions ( I am obsessed with lips.).

This product is in a liquid form and you will need to work fast after you dot it on your face with the brush that it comes with. I usually dot them on wherever I need them first before I blend them out. For example, both side of my cheeks, brow bones etc. And I find that after I blend one side of my face the other side starts to dry, so you will need to blend fairly fast with the product as soon as you dot on your face. Or you might need to dot and blend a specific area first, and then move on to the next area and repeat to avoid the highlighter drying before you blend them.

I would rate High beam 4/5.



Mini Boi-ing & Eye bright duo 1.4g + 2g at £5 (The regular size Boi-ing is 3g £17.5, which the mini is nearly as much as the regular size product! 1.4g Boi-ing + 1.2g eye bright =2.6g in the duo. I can only compare to Boi-ing alone here as they don’t have the duo in full size product. This is the best value among all)

I like the eye bright more than the boi-ing here. Eye bright is a really good highlighter for the inner corner of my eyes and sometimes I use it as a base before my eyeshadow. I would even use it directly on my lid as an eyeshadow, as it gives my eyes a healthy glow and I simply wear it with mascara. I also apply it on the outer corner of my eyes as well. This one is very easy to control as it is just a cream texture that you can easily move around and blend with your fingers.

The Boi-ing concealer in 02 is a little too pink for my skin tone. My skin has yellow undertone to it, so I would think it is better for someone who has really fair skin. The texture is quite thick, as it says “industrial” on the box. I can use it to cover my small zit or spots, but it is not working for me to cover any dark circles. I think it is also kind of drying of the undereye area as well.

But, I have found a really good under eye concealer from a drugstore brand which I am going to share with you in my next post!

I would rate Boi-ing & Eye bright duo 3/5.

Let me know if you are interested in getting this pick-your-own set, and which products would you pick! These minis are super value in my opinion!



3 thoughts on “Review | Benefit pick-your-own minis review £15 for 4 items | mascara, hightlighter, concealer and lip& cheek tint

    1. Hi Gabbie, I just got it at a local Boots! Check out yours. All the Benefit minis are contained in a Big pink colored cardboard stand. It is not where the Benefit counter is though you might need to search for it. : ) Hope you find them they are such good value!!!


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