Beauty event | Chanel Le Rouge pop-up Hong Kong


I was invited to the Le rouge Chanel pop up store this afternoon. So I went there around 3pm to try to avoid the crowd on the Thursday. There were less people than their last pop up event as it’s Thursday today so most people are at work.

chanel le rouge event on 9 Queens Road Central Hong Kong

You will get a welcome gift upon entering the venue which is a small red paper box that I am holding in my hand. Inside, you will find 3 sponge lipstick applicators, one face powder sponge and one eyeshadow sponge tip applicator for you to try on makeup at their make-up station.

le rouge chanel event hong kong


They have one SA there who is available to help you take photos! Don’t shy away, just kindly ask them to take photos for you if you go alone or want a group photos with your friends.

Chanel addict

Then, you will see two giant Chanel rouge allure container that has a mirror reflection of countless lipsticks. So pretty!

trying on the le rouge no.5 perfume

Downstairs, there is a perfume station where the wall is full of rolls of red Chanel ribbon for you to try perfume on. There are two N°5 perfumes, one is the “N°l’eau” eau de toilette version and the other one is the original N°5 eau de parfum version.

The SA is helping me try both of both of my wrists and helping me tie the ribbon there.

le rouge chanel makeup station

The red makeup station has their limited edition products displayed, which are the N°5 the body oil, the red bottled Chanel N°5, and lipstick with N°5 imprinted on.

chanel lipstick wall

I really like this wall it kinda reminds me of something like a Andy Warhol style, with a lot of lips and lipstick in motion. chanel tunnel

This is also one of my favorite photo spot. It’s a tunnel to go downstairs where everything is red. le rouge channel tunnel

And that’s about it! Be sure to check out the Chanel Le Rouge pop up store while you can and try to go at odd hours on a weekday so you can get photos without strangers passing by at the back!

Hope you liked it!

xo Meesh

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